California Dreams - Season 1

NBC (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • Where's Dennis?
    Where's Dennis?
    Episode 13
    While Mr. and Mrs. Garrison are away for the evening, Matt is in charge of babysitting his little brother Dennis. The band sets up a performance at the Garrison's house, but Dennis turns up missing.
  • This Time
    This Time
    Episode 12
    Eric, an old boyfriend of Jenny's resurfaces after leaving to pursue his acting career. Meanwhile, a new van that Sly has purchased makes it all the way to the Garrison's garage before breaking down.
  • They Shoot Videos, Don't They?
    Sly decides that the band should enter a video contest. His vision for the video is to have the band chased by girls until Nicki Dentine kisses Matt at the end. Randi Jo, Matt's girlfriend, however, does not find the concept very appealing. Sly tricks Matt into getting the kiss and Randi Jo breaks up with Matt as a result. The breakup leads to a new song for the band written by Matt and a new video concept for Sly.moreless
  • Romancing the Tube
    Romancing the Tube
    Episode 10
    Sly figures out a way to pick up chicks- surfing. Sly tries to get Tiffani to teach him how to surf and she agrees. After they start out lessons, Tiffani and Sly realize that there's something besides friendship between them. However, Tiffani's afraid that Sly wouldn't be able to commit to one girl. Matt, Jenny, and Tony decide to try and get the band a new lighting system and get a job painting some of the Garrion's rooms. Mr. Garrison agrees to pay them $300 in advance to buy the equipment with.moreless
  • Mother and Child Reunion
    Tiffani's mother finally returns to reunite with her daughter after trying to become a dancer for ten years in New York. The reunion doesn't go so well and Tiffani's anger finally catches up with her in the middle of her 16th birthday party.
  • It's a Guy Thing
    It's a Guy Thing
    Episode 8
    Jenny and Tiffani create a fake supermodel from Paris named Monique to show Sly and Tony how shallow they are. The plan ends up backfiring on the girls, then working out to their advantage. During this, the Garrison family tries to fix their broken washing machine and saving themselves from calling a real professional.moreless
  • Guess Who's Coming to Brunch
    After playing at Sharkey's, the band's amp blows out and Tony meets rich Kimberly Blanchard. She invites him to come meet her parents at brunch. When Kimberly leaves the room, her father offers to replace the bands amp on one condition: Tony stops dating Kimberly. Tony deals with the problem of how to tell Kimberly about the proposition that her father made to him. While this is going on, Sly is busy getting the band another gig- recording the jingle for an Uncle Slappy's Root Beer commercial.moreless
  • Friends First
    Friends First
    Episode 6
    Matt's friend from music camp, Teddy, comes to visit. Matt, expecting the old overweight Teddy, is shocked when Teddy turns to look much different than he did at music camp. Jenny and Tiffani take an instant liking to Teddy, causing a problem between the two of them. Now, Matt's job is to help mend the girls friendship and stop the fight over Teddy. During this fiasco, Sly gets the band a chance to play at Sharkey's.moreless
  • Dream Man
    Dream Man
    Episode 5
    Sly and Tony decide to listen in on Jenny's slumber party and hears Jenny talking about her dream guy. Sly decides to try and change his personality to be the man of Jenny's dreams. While Sly hits on Jenny, Tony's busy with her friend Jasmine. Tiffani writes lyrics to a song, but Matt just can't come out and tell her that they aren't good.moreless
  • Double Date
    Double Date
    Episode 4
    Sharkey leaves on a vacation and leaves Tony in charge. Sly, the wannabe money-maker that he is, talks Sharkey into throwing a big Hawaiian-style part at Sharkey's, complete with a cover charge for every partier there. Sly books the band to play the party. Trouble is, Matt has already promised his crush, Randi Jo, that they will perform that same night at her sister, Debbie's, wedding. The party can't be cancelled- Sly has already used some of Sharkey's money for promoting the event. Matt can't cancel on Randi Jo because he doesn't want to disappoint her.moreless
  • Beat of His Own Dream
    Tony's dad (AKA Coach Wicks) does not believe that Tony should be part of the band. This leads Tony to quit the band and so he starts playing football to try and get his dad's approval. Tiffani finds out that she has a secret admirer that could be Dennis.
  • Battle of the Bands
    Matt is determined to win the Battle of the Bands contest. The California Dreams are up against their biggest competition- Bradley and the Billionaires. Sly's idea of how to win the contest? One of the judges, Angela, likes Matt. All Matt needs to do is date her to swing the vote. Tony also thinks about getting an earring, until Tiffani tells him how they pierce an ear.moreless
  • The First Gig
    The First Gig
    Episode 1

    After his family moves to California, Tony Wicks befriends a group of musically-talented teenagers, and together they form a band, The California Dreams, with Tony playing lead drums. The band gets their first gig, playing for a girl that Matt has a bit of a crush on- Randi Jo. The date of the gig is the same day that Matt's dad is planning on taking a family trip to the Grand Canyon. The band plans to get the date of the tickets switched by posing as Van Halen. - The band also neglects to let Sly in as manager of the band.