California Dreams - Season 2

NBC (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • Indecent Promposal
    Indecent Promposal
    Episode 18
    After not wanting to go to the prom, Jake decides that Tiffani can go with Glen, who in exchange for a date with Tiffani will hire the band to play the prom. Tiffani goes to the prom with Glen, but Jake breaks up with her when he sees them kissing.
  • Rebel Without A Clue
    After actually studying for a history test, Sly gets an A and his teacher accuses him of cheating. Tony also has to pick which girl will get to sing Tiffani's new song at the high school dance.
  • Can't Buy Me Love
    Can't Buy Me Love
    Episode 16
    The school has a servant auction to raise money. Matt buys Tony and Tiffani is now Sam's servant. Sly bids and wins a girl that he likes and hopes to win over, Julie Pruit.
  • 21 Jake Street
    21 Jake Street
    Episode 15
    Sly decides to get fake IDs for the band, but the plan doesn't work out when Jake's new girlfriend is really an undercover cop. Matt and Tony also decide to use Sam and Tiffani as models for projects in art class.
  • Save the Shark
    Save the Shark
    Episode 14
    Matt starts to like a girl named Katie, but then he finds out that her father, Mr. Stone, is the new owner of Sharky's. Mr. Stone would rather demolish the place instead of continuing it on as the restaurant Sharky's. So, the band must figure out a way to stop Mr. Stone from tearing down their hangout.moreless
  • Schoolhouse Rock
    Schoolhouse Rock
    Episode 13
    The band gets an audition to open for Sting, but Sgt. McBride is on the rampage and gives Jake and Tiffani detention. The two have to try to escape detention in order to make the audition with the rest of the band.
  • The Year of the Woo
    The Year of the Woo
    Episode 12
    After the van breaks down again, Sam gives the band the money that she was going to use to go back to Hong Kong to celebrate the New Year. After giving the money to the mechanic, the gang is scammed and no repairs are done on the van.
  • Vote of Confidence
    Vote of Confidence
    Episode 11
    When Jake's over-achieving brother, Kyle, comes to town, Jake decides to run for student body president in hopes to impress him.
  • Bwa Ha Ha Means I Love You
    Jake lies to Tiffani about the fact that he took on an awful job at a store entitled Maniac Music. He needs the job in order to earn enough money for an anniversary gift for Tiffani. Tiffani thinks that Jake might be cheating on her.
  • High Plains Dreamer
    Tony faints at a Western movie when his date's old flame shows up. He has a dream that he and the rest of the band are back in the Old West.
  • A Question of Math
    A Question of Math
    Episode 8
    Football player Darrin Young gets tutoring from Sam, but is really trying to use her to pass his big Math test and to not pay for her services. Her bandmates are not sure what to do about it. Meanwhile, Jake and Tiffani's relationship gets rocky while they argue about their mid-term exams.moreless
  • Surfboards and Cycles
    Tiffani takes an auto shop class to prove herself to Jake. While spending time together, the two realize that they want to be more than just friends. The boys have less than a bad time while taking a cooking class that's taught by Sgt. McBride.
  • The Sly Who Came To Dinner
    Sly tries to get Matt to let him stay at the Garrison's house so that he can hit on Sam. Matt agrees and Sly moves in. Meanwhile, Tiffani is busy trying to figure out who her secret admirer is.
  • Sleazy Rider
    Sleazy Rider
    Episode 5
    Tiffani and Tony think that there might be more than friendship between them. Sly borrows Jake's bike and ends up causing an accident that sends Tony to the hospital and Jake's bike gets wrecked- ruining his chances of winning a motorcyle contest.
  • Wooing Woo
    Wooing Woo
    Episode 4
    An exchange student from Hong Kong, Samantha Woo, comes to live with the Garrison family, taking Jenny's place. When the band finds out that Sam can sing, they discuss letting her fill the open slot in the band. The boys also make a bet as to who will first kiss Sam.moreless
  • Ciao, Jenny
    Ciao, Jenny
    Episode 3
    Jenny is accepted at a music conservitory in Rome, Italy. Jake tries a find a way for her to stay after realizing that he likes her. Sly comes up with a plan to hypnotize Jenny into blowing her audition, but Jake isn't sure that he wants to go through with the plan.moreless
  • Dirty Dog Days
    Dirty Dog Days
    Episode 2
    Using Sly's radio transmitter, the band plays The California Dreams songs, but play them under the fake name of the Dirty Dogs. Suddenly, there's a new popular band around school- The Dirty Dogs.
  • Jake's Song
    Jake's Song
    Episode 1
    Matt and Sly (as well as the rest of the band) are scared of the "tough guy" at school, Jake Sommers. Then Jake starts to take an interest in joining the band.