California Dreams - Season 5

NBC (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • The Last Gig
    The Last Gig
    Episode 15
    The next year of school starts in a week. Tiffani is going to study oceanography at the University of Hawaii. Sam is going to study physics at Oxford, while Mark is going to study music at Juliard. Sly and Lorena are both going to attend Pacific University, while Tony is going to go off and study acting. Jake tries to keep the band together by scoring a record contract. When he finally gets Brett Dewey of StyleJam records to offer them a contract, the rest of the band decides that they would rather go off to college than continue on in the band, but they encourage Jake to take the record contract for himself and continue on in music. Jake isn't sure that he wants to go on without the rest of the band.moreless
  • The Fashion Man
    The Fashion Man
    Episode 14
    Sly decides to become a model for the Amber Dubois Modeling Agency, after seeing an ad. The agency claims to have discovered the famous model Samson, but when Amber starts charging Sly large amounts of money, the gang thinks that it might be a scam.
  • A Band Divided
    A Band Divided
    Episode 13
    The band's amp blows and Lorena offers to buy them a replacement. The only catch is that she want's to be co-manager of the band alongside Sly. When she and Sly start arguing, it costs the band gigs. The new amp that Lorena buys blows the wiring at her loft and Jake and the guys try to fix it.moreless
  • Graduation
    Episode 12
    While trying to impress Sara, a girl that he likes, Mark decides to drink at Lorena's graduation party. He's too drunk to drive home, but does, and that leads to Sara ending up in the hospital and Mark ending up in jail. Meanwhile, Jake and Tiffani have to finish a class project or they won't graduate. The gang also finally get their diplomas from the Principal.moreless
  • Love Letters
    Love Letters
    Episode 11
    The gang decides to rectify the thing that they most regret doing or not doing during their time at high school. Sly's biggest regret is never telling Lorena that he has feelings for her. He tries to fix the problem by sending her anonymous love letters. Tiffani's biggest regret is being mean to a boy that asked her out freshman year. While, Sam and Tony regret not competing in the dance contest. Mark regrets letting the school's gym teacher get to him and Jake regrets not playing the bagpipes in public.moreless
  • Babewatch
    Episode 10
    Tiffani, Sly, Mark, and Lorena, become extras on the television show "Babewatch" that films in their area. Sam also gets a job working on the show, and one of the crew members takes a liking to her, causing Tony to become jealous. Jake also gets a job working for the show as the assistant to the producer.moreless
  • Senior Prom
    Senior Prom
    Episode 9
    During the contest for Prom King and Queen, Jake and Tiffani tie Tony and Sam for the crowns. The competition between the two couples starts getting way out of hand. Meanwhile, Mark tries to ask a girl to the Prom and Sly books the band for a gig on the day of the Prom. - The gang ends up getting stranded in the woods before they make it to the Prom.moreless
  • Letters from Woo
    Letters from Woo
    Episode 8
    Sam creates a video letter to send back home to her Uncle Tze Tze to show him that she has made friends in America. The episode is full of flashbacks from previous episodes.
  • Father Knows Bets
    Father Knows Bets
    Episode 7
    Feeling neglected because his dad never spends any time with him, Sly starts to gamble. His gambling gets too out of hand when he ends up losing the bands equipment. The band has to figure out how to fix the relationship between Sly and his father. Meanwhile, Tony is on the Senior Awards committee and can't keep the fact that Jake is going to be awarded with the Himalaya Award (an award that is given to the most unique senior) a secret.moreless
  • Reel Teens
    Reel Teens
    Episode 6
    Jake gets chosen to be followed around by the TV show "Reel Teens" for a week. The purpose of the show is to show how real teens deal with stress, school, and overall life. The show follows Jake as he fixes Tiffani's car, writes a new song for the band, and the stress becomes overwhelming for Jake.moreless
  • Diss-Honored
    Episode 5
    Sam becomes the new president of the Honor Society at school. Since Tony isn't a member, he never seems Sam because she's busy with activities involving the Honor Society. Tony decides to cheat on a test in order to be able to join Sam in the club. Harvey Cramdon, the old Honor Society president, will stop at nothing to get his old position back.moreless
  • Mop n' Pop
    Mop n' Pop
    Episode 4
    Jake's dad, Al, gets laid off from his job as an airplane mechanic. He takes on a job as PCH's new janitor. Sly starts making fun of Jake's dad, causing Jake to be embarrased and ashamed of his father. Meanwhile, the gang (minus Jake) plays a water version of tag called Ba-Boom.moreless
  • Honest Sly
    Honest Sly
    Episode 3
    Sly gets a job working as a used car salesman at a store run by Gem Diamond. Sam comes to buy a used car and in order to make a sale, Sly sells her a bad car. Not being a very good driver, when Sam comes to return the car, she drives it right into a telephone pole. Meanwhile, Lorena pretends to be interested in Mark in order to help him get another girl's attention.moreless
  • Shaken, Rattled, and Rolled
    Tony gets caught in an earthquake while playing his drums and nearly gets killed by a speaker. He decides to try and move to Ohio where there aren't any earthquakes. Meanwhile, Sly tries to get Jack Zyans, a big music producer, to come and listen to the California Dreams play.
  • Stand by Your Man
    Stand by Your Man
    Episode 1
    Jake gets a new job as a motorcycle mechanic, but Tiffani thinks it might be a bad idea when she finds out that his boss, Mel, is a very pretty woman. When he starts to work even more hours, Tiffani gets jealous, and Lorena and Sam decide to spy on him. The plan backfires and Jake ends up getting fired. Meanwhile, Sly and Tony want to create a winning video for the show "Wacky Videos" by playing a joke on Mark.moreless