California Dreams

Season 5 Episode 9

Senior Prom

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 02, 1996 on NBC

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  • Prom is a Battlefield

    I never really cared or was every concerned about being Prom King and Queen, it's not like you really get much back from it except a brief time of popularity. And that's what it is it's just a simple game. To me what matters is who I'm dancing with and that both of us are having a good time.
    This is my second favorate episode of this show because it's just simply a lot of fun but touching as well.

    Everyone just seemed to be at an all comidic high, I wouldn't call what the characters are going though so much of a competicion but it's more of an all out war, things just get out of control. I don't want to give too much away so I'll just state one favorate moement.

    My favorate moment was when both Sly and Lorena each whom were supporting one couple as well as made a bet with each other, both of them were playing cat burglar when they were putting up a poster of the couple their working for to overlap their rival couple. But then it stops being funny when we see the couple and even Sly and Lorana fight each other.

    It all comes down to no one going to prom because the van broke down, could be fate of God telling them to settle their disputes. And soon all of them they realize what is most important, when the notice their friend Mark is in pain. I'll admit I really felt bad for the character Mark cause the same thing happened to me one time. I can never understand that, it's like when a girl would invite an ex boyfriend to a party but not tell this person that it's her engagement party, it doesn't make sense. But what matters more is not popularity but just simply who their dancing with and how they feel about one another.

    Yes, the prom was at a building but the real prom is where the characters are now.
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