California's Gold - Season 1

PBS Premiered Jan 01, 1991 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • B2 Bomber Update
    B2 Bomber Update
    Episode 15
    Examining the B2 stealth bomber. Included: a look inside the plane's cockpit at Edwards Air Force Base.
  • Kaiser Steel
    Kaiser Steel
    Episode 14
    The Kaiser Steel plant in Fontana, which closed in 1983, is remembered. Included: remarks from its former employees; a visit to the Kaiser Steel Museum; and a tour of the former site, which is now the California Steel plant.
  • Mt. Wilson
    Mt. Wilson
    Episode 13
    A visit to Mount Wilson Observatory, which was founded in December 1904 by George Ellery Hale. Included: its 100-inch Hooker telescope.
  • Lost Sierra
    Lost Sierra
    Episode 13
    Downieville, in the Sierra Nevada mountains, housed gold miners who organized the country's first ski races. Also, see how examples of skiing equipment from the 1800s. Visit the offices and staff of the state's oldest newspaper.
  • In-N-Out Burger
    In-N-Out Burger
    Episode 12
    The history of In-N-Out Burger, which was founded in 1948.
  • Natural Wonders
    Natural Wonders
    Episode 12
    The world's tallest tree resides in Redwood National Park. See its wonder through a 5th grade class' eyes. See California's field state flower in all its Golden Poppy glory. Visitors can climb to the top of Morro Rock for a view of Morro Bay.
  • Hearst Ranch
    Hearst Ranch
    Episode 11
    Hearst Ranch in San Simeon is visited.
  • Ships
    Episode 11
    An artist in Trinidad Bay makes canoes out of trees. The S.S. Palo Alto is a national landmark because it is a ship made of concrete. And, visitors can sail on the last remaining floating lighthouse.
  • Farallon Islands
    Farallon Islands
    Episode 10
    A visit to the Farallon National Wildlife Refuge, an archipelago 28 miles west of San Francisco.
  • Trains
    Episode 10
    An episode devoted to train travel includes the California Railroad Museum and visits through the Mother Lode country.
  • Traditions
    Episode 9
    See the Mexican rodeo (charreada) at a local arena. Visit the stadium that inspired the classic poem "Casey at the Bat." And, listen to the San Francisco Gate Park Band.
  • Preserving the Past
    Huell travels throug hCalifornia's past when he visits Locke--a town founded by Chinese immigrants. He hears ancient bird calls from the Cahuilla tribe. And he attends a thrashing bee and antique engine show.
  • L.A. Adventures
    L.A. Adventures
    Episode 7
    Los Angeles has a variety of places to visit: the La Brea Tar Pits, the Theme Room Restaurant at LAX, Grand Central Market, a buried bridge at UCLA, and 100-year-old grapefruit tree in Little Tokyo.
  • Santa Cruz
    Santa Cruz
    Episode 6
    Santa Cruz offers a beach boardwalk, surfing pioneers and salt water taffy plus other sweet treats.
  • Head for the Borders
    Huell heads to the north and south borders of California. The Horseradish Festival in Tulake is on the Oregan border and Calexico is town on the border to Mexico. Both offer unique sights, sounds and tastes.
  • L.A. to San Francisco Bay
    Huell looks at the national landmark, the Watts Towers. He also visits the art center attached to it. In San Francisco, Huell examines sourdough bread and how it is made.
  • Central Coast
    Central Coast
    Episode 3
    Visits include: the world's first motel at San Luis Obispo, Pozo's saloon,and a stagecoach stop. Huell also talks with the last living citizen of Moy Mell. Moy Mell was a colony where people lived in sand dunes in the 1920s-1940s.
  • California Schools
    California Schools
    Episode 2
    Huell Howser visits unusual schools. Included: Oakland's Health and Bioscience Academy, which arranges apprenticeships in local health-care centers; a one-room schoolhouse in the town of Woody.
  • Living History
    Living History
    Episode 2
    Fort Ross State Park has a recreation of a 19th century Russian community. Huell visits the state's official ship, the Californian. And he guides viewers to the spot where Sir Francis Drake landed on Californian shores.
  • California Aqueduct Special
    Huell examines the California Aqueduct. Built on the Colorado river in the 1930s, the Aqueduct is considered an amazing engineering project. Used to bring water to thirsty Californians, it traveled over 200 miles of desert.