California's Gold - Season 5

PBS Premiered Jan 01, 1991 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • The Inaugural Special
    For the past 145 years, the state has celebrated the inauguration of its governor. Huell spends time with Gov. Pete Wilson as he discusses the inauguration festivities. Huell also visits with governors and their families from the past. Overall, this special episode allows the viewer to feel the rich tradition of the inauguration ceremony.moreless
  • Keeping Cool
    Keeping Cool
    Episode 12
    Visits to the Thousand Palms oasis in the Coachella Valley Preserve and the Coachella Valley Museum in Indio. Huell Howser hosts.
  • McCloud
    Episode 12
    The lumber and railroad town, McCloud, is located at the foot of Mt. Shasta. Huell tours the town's historic and quaint buildings, visits the local swimming hole, and takes an adventurous trip on the McCloud railroad.
  • On Stage
    On Stage
    Episode 11
    A visit to the annual Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, which re-creates works of art in "living pictures." Also: the Spreckels organ in Balboa Park. Host: Huell Howser.
  • Folsom Prison
    Folsom Prison
    Episode 11
    This historic jail housed some of California's most notorious criminals. Huell visits Folsom's death row, a chapel with unusual paintings, China Hill, and the graveyard where numerous prisoners have been laid to rest.
  • Kelp
    Episode 10
    A look at the kelp crop, from harvesting to processing for use in foods and other products. Host: Huell Howser.
  • California Zephyr
    California Zephyr
    Episode 10
    The California Zephyr traveled between Chicago and Oakland from 1949 to 1970. Huell climbs aboard the magnificently restored "Vista-Dome" car. He travels across the state, sharing his train ride with a group of people who all had ties to the original Zephyr.
  • Under California
    Under California
    Episode 9
    Visits to the underground gardens created by Baldasare Forestiere and the 2000-foot-long tunnel dug by William "Burro" Schmidt. Host: Huell Howser.
  • Oil
    Episode 9
    Oil put Kern County on the map. Huell visits the vast Midway-Sunset Field, the top producing field in the lower 48 states. He also visits the Kern Oil Museum in Taft to see a large wooden oil derrick. Huell last stop is the Lakeview Gusher.
  • Santa Barbara Island
    A visit to Santa Barbara Island includes footage of seals and sea lions. Host: Huell Howser.
  • Center of California
    Visit the California's geographic center. Along the way, Huell stops at numerous small towns that claim to be the "center." Huell uses a cartographer to find the exact spot and marks it with a state flag.
  • San Luis Obisbo Train
    San Luis Obisbo celebrates the centennial of the arrival of the first steam train with a reenactment of the event. Host Huell Howser rides the original train into town.
  • Scotty's Castle
    Scotty's Castle
    Episode 7
    Walter Scott is a legendary figure in California history. Huell travels to Death Valley to learn about his history. He tours Scott's amazing castle and travels through the barren desert that Scott loved.
  • California Flowers
    California Flowers
    Episode 6
    Host Huell Howser visits spring flower fields. Included: the ranunculus fields on San Diego's coastal plains, the California Poppy Reserve in Antelope Valley and Daffodil Hill.
  • Life in Death Valley
    Despite its bleak and forbidding reputation, Death Valley can be beautiful. Huell examines the life that manages to survive in the Valley.
  • California State Parks
    Huell Howser tours the Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park and the Providence Mountains State Recreation Area. Included: a visit to the Mitchell Caverns; a look at Native American artifacts.
  • Hidden Gold
    Hidden Gold
    Episode 5
    Far beneath the surface lays hidden treasure. First, Huell travels to the historic La Brea Tar Pits where dinosaurs have been preserved below. Next, he tours California's version of Plymouth Rock. The Presidio of San Diego is being excavated for amazing relics.
  • Wings Over California
    Recalling a courier-pigeon service that operated during the late 1800s, and a school where WWII pilots learned to fly gliders. Included: host Huell Howser takes a flying lesson and releases a pigeon carrying a message.
  • Important Places
    Important Places
    Episode 4
    Huell visits two important but relatively unknown places. First, he tours the fields at Camp Pendleton where Vietnamese refugees lived in the mid 1970s. Then, Huell travels to Sherman Institute High School-a boarding school for Native Americans.
  • California Companies
    Profiles of Levi Strauss (1829-1902) and John M. Studebaker (1833-1917), whose careers began as a result of the gold rush. Included: a visit to the oldest Levi Strauss & Co. manufacturing plant. Huell Howser hosts.
  • Olives and Berries
    Olives and Berries
    Episode 3
    California families turn crops into empires. Huell visits the olive orchards in the San Joaquin Valley. He also travels with the Graber family to their olive processing plant. Next, Huell learns how the Knott's Berry Farm amusement park was inspired from one woman's recipes.
  • Jack London
    Jack London
    Episode 2
    Jack London State Historic Park in the Sonoma Valley includes a tour of the author's estate. Huell Howser hosts.
  • Huts and Hangars
    Huts and Hangars
    Episode 2
    Huell tours the largest wooden buildings in the world. The US Marine Air Station at Tustin hosts vast blimp hangars. Next, he visits the Seabee Naval Museum. He also visits the Marine Base at Camp Pembleton. While there, he gets a look at the history of the quonset hut.
  • Water Under Pressure
    Visits to Old Faithful in Calistoga and Nevada City's Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park, site of what was once the largest hydraulic gold mine in the world. Huell Howser is the host.
  • Weedpatch
    Episode 1
    Immortalized by John Steinbeck in the Grapes of Wrath, the weedpatch camp was a home for Okies fleeing the dustbowl. Weedpatch was a federal labor camp that now houses Latinos. Huell visits the camp and talks to current and previous residents.