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Season 12 : Episode 8

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Season 13 : Episode 11

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  • Japanese American Home Movies
    Huell visits Karen Ishizuka, curator at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. She has gathered an impressive collection of Japanese American home movies from the 20s through the 40s. Included in the program is an intense look at the inside of the internment camps from the inside.
  • Snow and Ice
    Snow and Ice
    Episode 12
    While sunny beaches are usually associated with California, snow and ice are just as much a part. Huell first travels to a lake in Nevada County where ice was hacked by hand and shipped to waiting customers. Then, Huell examines the snow sheds that protected train tracks in the mountains.
  • Santa Rosa Island
    Santa Rosa Island
    Episode 11
    A visit to Santa Rosa Island off the coast of Santa Barbara, part of Channel Islands National Park. Segments focus on its natural wonders and colorful human history. Included: an Old West cattle ranch.
  • Vanderberg
    Episode 11
    Vanderberg Air Force Base is the US' third largest installation. Huell visits this huge base for a look at California's space heritage. He tours relics from the past as well as cutting edge technical innovations.
  • Bits and Pieces
    Bits and Pieces
    Episode 10
    It's an episode devoted to Huell's accidental discoveries as he traveled the state. Included are ostriches, cacti, outhouses, and marigolds.
  • Wind
    Episode 9
    At Warner Bros., Huell looks at wind machines. The special effects guys crank up the air to show Huell how much force they can create. Next, Huell visits the California Institute of Technology. Tucked away on the Pasadena campus is a wind tunnel that's been in operation since 1930. Lastly, Huell experiences the natural wind at Point Reyes National Seashore. It's in the record books as the windiest place in the state.moreless
  • Dry Lake Bed
    Dry Lake Bed
    Episode 8
    Hot-rod racers at Muroc Dry Lake in California's Mojave Desert. Host: Huell Howser.
  • Mule Days
    Mule Days
    Episode 8
    Bishop, California sets aside an entire week to pay tribute to the mule! Huell visits the celebration.
  • Neat Houses
    Neat Houses
    Episode 7
    A tour of the former Governor's Mansion and a trip to a hermit's cabin in the Sierra foothills. Host: Huell Howser.
  • Paradise
    Episode 7
    Huell travels to Dogtown for the annual Gold Nugget Days. This celebration is a giant party marking the day Chauncy Wright discovered a 54 pound gold nugget. While there, Huell visits the town's gold nugget museum, interviews modern day gold miners, and sees a variety of unusual events.
  • Yosemite Firefall
    Yosemite Firefall
    Episode 6
    Yosemite National Park's "firefall," a spectacle in which burning embers were poured off Glacier Point, is recalled by local residents. The twilight attraction has been popular with tourists for nearly 100 years. Host: Huell Howser.
  • Slab City
    Slab City
    Episode 6
    First, Huell visits Leonard Knight, who gives him a tour of Salvation Mountain. Salvation Mountain is Leonard's ever evolving art project built into the side of a mountain. Next, Huell visits Slab City at an abandoned Marine base. There's no rent in this unofficial town, just a collection of RVs.
  • Suisun Bay
    Suisun Bay
    Episode 5
    A look at the ships being stored in Suisun Bay near Benicia, one of three sites for the National Defense Reserve Fleet. Host: Huell Howser.
  • Wooden Boats
    Wooden Boats
    Episode 5
    Huell attends the 24th annual Concours d' Elegance. While there he talks to owners about their own wooden boats and the rich tradition they are a part of.
  • Mare Island
    Mare Island
    Episode 4
    A visit to the West Coast's oldest naval base, the Mare Island Naval Shipyard, which is scheduled to close on April 1, 1996 after 142 years of service. Host: Huell Howser.
  • Mt. San Jacinto
    Mt. San Jacinto
    Episode 4
    Huell looks at engineering accomplishments in the San Jacinto Mountain range. First, Huell examines the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Constructed by helicopter in 1963, passengers can ride from the desert to snow in minutes. Next, Huell visits a 13 mile tunnel under the mountain that carries 1.2 billion gallons of water. Once every five to ten years, the water stops flowing for a tunnel inspection. Huell makes some unusual discoveries as he takes advantage of this unique opportunity.moreless
  • Rocks in Water
    Rocks in Water
    Episode 3
    Huell visits three of the most fascinating rocks in water in the State. First, from Lake Tahoe he travels to Fannette Island, the only island in Emerald Bay and believed to be a surviving piece of rock from the glaciers that carved the bay. At the top, he visits the historic 1928 tea house. Next, Huell travels to Humbolt bay to see rocks that form the jetty system. Finally, Huell ends up in the Mojave desert to look at the dry rocks that were once under water.moreless
  • Railcars
    Episode 2
    Huell "rides the rails," but not on a train. First, Huell attends the US National Handcar Races. While there he sees races, rides a handcar, and examines handcar history. Next, Huell travels to McCloud to examine "speeders," small vehicles used for maintenance and track repair.
  • Lighthouse
    Episode 1
    The Coast Guard airlifts host Huell Howser to the St. George's Reef Lighthouse, located six miles offshore near Crescent City.
  • Quicksilver
    Episode 1
    In 1845, California's first mining community started up operations. Before it closed in 1976, it held the distinction of being the state's most prolific mine. New Almaden was not a gold mine, but quicksilver (mercury). Today the town and the mine exist in a county park as a registered National Historic Landmark. Huell learns all about the town and its people.moreless
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