California's Gold - Season 8

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  • See's Candy
    See's Candy
    Episode 8
    Huell gets a first hand history lesson in California's sweetest success story. Mary See started a small candy shop that has grown into an industry. Huell tours the original shop and the manufacturing plant. He gets a taste of a true California legend.
  • Things in the Desert
    Huell travels to California's deserts to see a giant windmill farm, a giant hole, huge trucks, and the Deep Space Network.
  • Coloma
    Episode 2
    On January 24th, 1948, the town of Coloma changed the history of California when James Marshall discovered gold. Huell visits Marshall's State Park and meets a history association that re-enacts that first gold rush.
  • San Luis Obispo Chinatown
    Huell visits the legendary Chinatown. While there, he meets the son of Ah Louis. Louis ran the main store in Chinatown, this building is the only one still standing in Chinatown. Huell also gets to see a lion dance and here music from Chinatown's golden era. A trip through the local museum rounds out the visit.moreless
  • Delta Queen
    Delta Queen
    Episode 5
    The paddlewheel steamboat, the Delta Queen, takes visitors back in time. It's been declared a National Historic Landmark. Currently traveling on the Mississippi River, Huell travels 2,000 miles to visit the boat that started its life in California. The Queen left California in 1947, so Huell is able to interview California citizens who remember her days in the state.moreless
  • San Miguel Island
    San Miguel Island
    Episode 1
    Huell visits the historic island where Jaun Rodriguez Cabrillo landed. A group of history buffs joins him in costume with boats to re-enact the moment. Huell also visits with Park Rangers and a woman who used to live on the island.
  • China Clipper
    China Clipper
    Episode 6
    Huell examines an important era in California's aviation history. Pan American Airlines established giant seaplanes that flew to the Far East. While only in operation for five years in the 1930's, the giant sailing ships made indelible impressions on California residents in the Bay area. For a few hours, the glory days of these magnificent vessels are relived.moreless
  • Blue Angels
    Blue Angels
    Episode 3
    Huell has an in-depth look at the Blue Angels, the Navy' premiere ambassador pilots. Huell is given the opportunity to train with the elite force and actually fly with them.
  • Guadalupe
    Episode 4
    The small town of Guadalupe could be a movie set with its picturesque views, lively town and rich farming community. Huell visits with local farmers about the history of the area.
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