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David Duchovny is the lead in this comedy about a book writer always running into trouble with sex, drugs and women, while struggling to maintain a relationship with his ex-girlfriend and trying to raise his daughter in a less than normal environment for a teenager.

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Fan Reviews (110)

  • Disgusted

    californication has become even more disgusting and I don't understand why the B word for blasphemy is not part of the rating. Evil personified.
  • Another show I love to hate...

    like Dexter. When is it coming back?
  • First World Problems

    I do quite agree that the latest Season hasn't been up to par with what has recently been. Too much focus on Atticus. Its in my opinion that they had intended for Californication to end after season 4. The finale really seemed to end the Saga. But of course, we were all still entranced by the show, characters and dialogue, that we wanted more (I don't claim it was cancelled, I can't remember correctly) and we would take to the forums for our love of the show. Its kind of like Weeds in my opinion. I loved the show and stopped watching it around the time they were cruising around in a Camper to get away from people. I ended up skipping to the last season because my roommate bought it on Blueray and I was bored. It really got back to its roots and made me want MORE even though the elusive ending would leave me to believe that isn't possible. I kind of think that the shows moved away from a lot of its roots. Like I said, seemed like they were aiming to end it in season four. Common sense only leads me to believe that new writers end up taking these shows in a completely different direction than what they were intended for in the beginning. Just my thoughts.moreless
  • Eye-opener

    With the season 4 and 5 i've been turning away from Californication a bit, but i've recently rewatched all of them and can now see that they are actually pretty awesome, from the right perspective...

    Season 1 - 3 where great because we got to see this great dark character tumble down deeper into the vortex of problems and addictions while juggling this impossible love.

    Seasons 4 - 6 got away from that a bit and became more about Hank & Becca. I've just noticed this since I became a father a few months ago, but in the Father - Daughter (or father - child really) relationship they've given this show a lot more depth and foundation. Suddenly this impossible love shift away to Hank and his child. And that's what has made the last few seasons exceptioneel for me.moreless
  • Great Show

    Yes, it's true it less sex now on the show, because they are in point that changes their life, hank cannot fuck around any more like before, this is real life situation, every person realize what they have done when they getting closer the end. I really like to see Hank and Caren getting married and have a happy life, i think this is why keeping them apart until the end of the show. I think season 7 should be the final they should make is as a happy ending. This show is really revealing the Hollywood life style.moreless
  • Californicatopn sunglass
    hi everyone, im looking for this sunglass: do you know where can i find it? thanks alot
  • Where to Watch...
    So, am I the only one who seems to not be able to find anywhere legitimate to what episodes of Californication after Season 2? Sea...
  • Season 5 finale piano song
    Hi, does anyone know the name of the piano song that starts playing around 24:30 right after Hank tells Carrie that he didn't love...
  • Season Finale discussion!
    I can't be the only one who felt like this was a series finale. Just seemed like if there was any ending out there that could wrap...
  • Californication compaion guide book
    Hi! Just seen this:

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