Season 4 Episode 9

Another Perfect Day

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 06, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Another Perfect Day

    Some good Hank one liners here, but that was really it for this episode, there was very little other than that to actually comment on.
  • Hank temporarily moves back in with Becca and Karen

    I was a bit harsh on last week's episode, but I was truly frustrated at how the promise of the first half of the season gave away to just jumping back and forth between Hank having sex with this woman or that woman. It was turning into a repetitive season, one that the show has already done better before. However, once again, the show gives us an episode of the kind of nice guy that Hank could be if he chose to get over his obsession with having sex with every woman in sight.

    The aftermath of Hank sleeping with Mia hasn't been nearly as crazy as I expected. Obviously his family is upset with him, but they seem so reluctant to forgive him. I was hoping there'd be more angry drama, but whatever.. I do like that Hank has these really great moments where he proves himself to be a funny and great father and husband. I liked that they were able to put him in a situation where he could not be blamed for something bad that happened. Next week's episode should be awesome, as we see this whole trial/Mia thing hopefully come to a satisfying end.

    I still really like Carla Cugino's character and I think she could make a great recurring character and a good chance for Hank to prove he's a mature guy. Sure, it seems like he's meant to be with Karen, but it'll be interesting to see how a relationship with another woman goes, especially when he seems very invested with her.

    I still think it's completely stupid that Marcie is hiding the fact that Charlie got her pregnant. It's just leading to what should be an equally stupid revelation and where they'll either A.) get back together or B.) hate each other forever. Either way, I don't care too much.
  • Dead By Sunrise

    Hank and Abby discuss shop and what the trial is expected to be like on Monday. Hank is evicted from his hotel and unable to reach Charlie as Charlie continues his relationship with Peggy. Hank moves in with Karen and Becca and Pearl and Becca steal Hank's car and go for a joyride that ends in an accident that is then blamed on Hank by Ben. Charlie takes Peggy along to a dinner at Stu's house where Marcy's pregnancy finally comes to light and it may mean more to Charlie than he realizes especially since we all know that the baby isn't really Stu's. Good episode, and the last minute where Karen and Hank reminisce about when they were first dating and what's to come next week with the trial and the future that they both face added a taste of the cold hard reality that awaits us. This served as a heavily entertaining serving (despite being filler and calm before the storm) but did promise some good drama around the corner so that when the stuff hits the fan we'll have that much more at stake.