Season 6 Episode 10

Blind Faith

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 24, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Blind Faith

    A solid episode here built around the cliche of the bad parents, but supplemented by the dirty and often realistic dialogue only this show can bring. The Jesus/Atticus thing was weird, but still an enjoyable episode.
  • Meet the Parents

    Becca announces to Hank and Karen that she wants to spend a year going on a "literary pilgrimage" and work on her life to which Hank isn't too happy about. Faith invites him to meet her parents by posing as her boyfriend. Her hometown is in another part of California a few hours out of . We get a little insight into why Faith was named as such because her mother is a very devout Christian. Another point of the episode that was interesting was how much Hank "passes for normal" when her parents ask about where the long hair and tattoos are on Hank. Faith's father however has a more relaxed way about him and even watches pornography when Faith shows up with Hank. The four of them have dinner and Hank is accommodating to Faith's mother wanting to pray over their food. An argument breaks out between Faith and her mother and Faith's mom storms out of the room as Faith does as well. Hank has a heart to heart with the father and he tells Hank that he regrets the environment Faith grew up in and how strict they were. We also learn that she was a nun and went against her vows and quit the life and has been a muse of sorts for artistic types ever since. This was a very mature insight into giving Faith a bit more humanity in how she grew up and why she is the way she is. Her mother seems very stringent but also at the same time like a very nice lady and it's a shame that Faith and her have to be so antagonistic to one another. When Hank is told he can't sleep in Faith's room and must sleep on the couch Faith and Hank hit the road and head back to . Hank tells Karen that they should let Becca go away on her pilgrimage which was nicely written in seeing how he didn't want to be as restrictive to Becca as Faith's parents had been to her.