Season 2 Episode 11

Blues from Laurel Canyon

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Dec 07, 2008 on Showtime

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  • This is the second to last episode?

    For the penultimate episode of Californication's season this was quite disappointing. Very litle happened and there was an obvious lack of jokes.

    I did like the Cool Hand Luke reference by Hank Moody as "what we have here is a failure to communicate" never gets old. Mia was amuaing in her limited role as well.

    But just about everything else seemed incredibly forced. The Marcy and Daisy "fight" was awfully choreographed and the Lew passing out bit was killed by previews of him alive next week. Just a weak, weak offering and I do not know how excited I am about a third season if this is the quality we can expect.
  • More story than normal, and the ending was a shock.

    I can't believe that they killed him off. I kept thinking that they are going to work a story in with him a karen, but wow I really didn't see that coming. Runkle is stupid for leaving his wife she is so much better then him. The porn star is cool, but she cant compete. This show has to be climbing up my charts to one of my favorite. I cant wait to see the drama even the little drama they throw in like becks boyfriend kissing the other girl. I dont know how anyone that has watched it can not like it.
  • Actually rather a revealing episode, less slapstick than usual, but some much deeper moments.

    I have to say that I didn't find this episode of Californication boring at all. There were lots of funny and sweet moments in the story. The book gets great reviews and the episode revolves largely around the party Lew gives for her. There was a lovely scene where he comforts Becca when she locks herself in the bathroom after catching her boyfriend two-timing her. Originally I thought Lew was a ratherone-dimensional character but this and some other later moments showed a much more thoughtful side to him than I had seen before. The final scene came as a surprise to me as I had not seen any previews of the subsequent episode so I did not know anything about Lew's fate until I read it here ;)
  • Great "penultimatum"!

    A good friend and another reviewer both said this episode was boring - are we talking about the same episode?! This week was huge, I thought! There was Charlie telling Marcy he's leaving her for Daisy. Becka finding out her b.f. is cheating on her. Marcy controlling her drug and alcohol addiction. Mia's a.k.a. Hank's book getting rave reviews, and Lou covering for Hank by saying the guy in the book is Lou not Hank (until that point, I was convinced the writers were going to drop a bomb on Karen and reveal Mia and Hank's history). Furthermore, the character development of Lou Ashby was a great build-up for the episode - his bonding with Hank, his consoling of Becka in the bathroom and receiving praise from Karen, and his gathering of courage to accept his mistakes and face his ex-wife at the end. And of course the cliffhanger ending!
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