Season 5 Episode 3

Boys & Girls

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 22, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Boys and Girls

    More laugh out loud moments tonight, but the storylines don't seem fresh after the time jump, they seem even more tired than before. This is a glimpse of what this show once was.
  • The Boss's Wife

    After having completed his draft of Santa Monica Cop for Samurai Apocalypse Hank gets asked to take Callie, R and B girl and Sam's girlfriend/discoveree, out on the town in his stead because he has things to handle. Seems vaguely reminiscent of a certain storyline in Pulp Fiction involving a certain John Travolta and a wife of a Mister Marcellus Wallace. Sam holds Hank at swordpoint and threatens him not the touch her or else. Becca and Tommy break up after Hank threatens him that the beating he got will be nothing compared to the next time he leads his daughter on and breaks her heart. So Hank has to console Becca in her heartache and she is surprisingly grateful for Tommy's honesty in the situation which upsets Hank. Hank refuses Callie's advances at the bar they go to since he's particularly fond of his skin and she goes off to hit on some other guy. Then Hank has to strongarm some lumberjack wannabe away from her and so he gives him purple nurple after asking an awkward question involving that man's mother. His machismo allows him and Callie to get away and stare at LA lights from a high cliff while he smokes. They have a decent heart to heart and Callie confides that she really wants to make. Things start to happening in the car and he takes her home to Sam. But Sam suspects something happened and holds Hank at gunpoint to where he hilariously says, "Santa Monica Cop cannot be my last credit." But Sam says he was just playing with his and it's all good, he totally wasn't playing by the way, and he goes along with their nothing happened story. Now that there's some chemistry and events holding Callie and Hank together what will happen next now that his work on the project is seemingly over. Will he and Sam go their own ways now forever? No idea, but this was a pretty decent episode.