Season 1 Episode 8

California Son

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 01, 2007 on Showtime
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Hank's father Al dies, so Hank tries to ease his pain with a hooker named Trixie. However, Karen does her best to help him overcome the pain.

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  • After the show got too soft somewhere after episode 3... the special something returned 2day... "Unjumping the shark" Hank??

    I have to say... some of the most episodes where a bit too soft after this hardcore beginning... but this episode made it all up... I was really touched and sometimes quit shoked. Duchovnies acting was scary but brilliant. The flashback, which sowed us how Hank derailed were also scary.... a downfall portrait in 27 mins! You dont get something like that all to often in a TV-Show... this was cinema quality drama. I hope the writers have more of this to offer in the future. I almost stopped watching this show... but this was like "unjumping the shark" for me... I think I will stay witch Californication for some time...moreless
  • Hank's father dies and we find out how he and Karen broke up as he tries to deal with the death in flashbacks.

    This show just keeps getting better and better. I am 10000000% in love with all the characters on the show and I am totally invested in their storylines already. This one was a bit more serious but it was great to see how it all went down between Karen and Hank way back when... I also liked that Hank dealt with his father's death and maybe gained some more understanding of himself at the same time. I cried at the end when he read the letter from his father and then when he and Karen finally!!!! slept together. They totally need to get back together. I am also really happy that Mia and Bill were not in this episode, she is a really irritating character and I was glad to have a break from her, especially since I totally can tell that him having slept with her is going to be the thing that keeps him and Karen apart in the end. (or at least the end of this season :) )moreless
  • Hank finally meets his match.

    The best part of this episode was the chemistry between the dad and the son which was really amazing. The use of the really nice filters to show the past was really very effective. The famous dialog "Thanks for taking my head from my ass". The writers reached a beautiful emotional high with this one. They showed a beautiful side of hank which we never got to see till now. His dad showed us some of the secrets men have to keep coz they are men and they love doing it. Its what keeps them going. Hope writers can match up to this one.moreless
  • hank and karen...loved it...

    So we figure out where Hank gets his sexual ways from. He finds out his dad dies and then we get to see snippets of his past with his dad, Karen, his daughter, his book and his movie. It was a very touching episode. We find out that Hank's dad loved his mother even though he always cheated on her. He was a horny old man (and young man). We also do find that Karen was the one that cheated first, not Hank (but he is making up for lost time). But Karen made up for the past. She was there for Hank when he really needed it, and the sex looked great.moreless
  • hanks dad dies.. and at first hank doesn't want to talk about it in fact doesn't even want to go to his dad's funeral.. and we see flash backs why..

    hank is ofcourse sad that his dad is dead but doesn't want to even talk about it at all. his ex-girlfriend comes to pick him up and to the funeral but hank doesn't do so. infact he hooks up with a girl in the bar and sleeps with her, and after realises that she is a hooker, and ofcourse gets into trouble with her pimp because he doesn't have money to pay her. there are flash backs showing his father comming to visit hank, when hank was still with his girlfriend, and in those flash back that we see that him and karen are going break up. i guess thats why he blames his dad about it. but at the end(not in the flash back) we see and hear a letter that he's dad had sent him i guess just after he came to visit him ( in the flash back). and that makes hank go to the funeral of he's father, ofcourse with some help of hes ex:)

    this is a great show!moreless

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