Season 6 Episode 3

Dead Rock Stars

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 27, 2013 on Showtime

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  • All in Good Faith

    Hank gets a pass from rehab to go with Faith to the funeral of her former lover/rock star whatshisname to not have her look like the single woman who was sleeping with the dead guy. When they get to the funeral Faith gets let in by Kroll, the manager of Dead Guy. Hank isn't let in and stands near the grave of another musician (which I should point out has a small statue amongst other rock star statues/grave) of Lew Ashby? Or some other guy, anyway he's approached by the widow of Dead Guy who we can now narrow down as British but she's so drunk that she offers Hank, whom she calls Frank, sexual service in the bushes which is what's happening when Faith comes to meet him. The widow is pushed off by Hank and he pulls up his pants and the widow recognizes Faith. She deduces that she was the one who was sleeping with her husband Dead Guy and they get into a fight. The widow leaves and Faith cries about how Dead Guy gave her a necklace before he died and that she saw it on his body because it's an open casket. Hank goes to the casket and fakes crying to break the necklace off of Dead Guy's neck and he's caught by none other than Atticus Fetch who was one of the best friends of Dead Guy. Faith says that Hank was getting the necklace for her. Atticus is still hurt over Hank dissing his work and tells him pathetically to listen to his earlier work. A hologram of Dead Guy comes up and plays a killer riff on his guitar and the widow forgives Faith. Faith for one is an attention grabber but she's a terrible actress but she's a good catalyst for Hank wanting to change which also goes down the toilet at the party at Atticus's house when he does cocaine and is found the next morning by Karen. Charlie getting caught watching gay porn and taking notes was one of the funniest parts of the episode and Hank's response. Charlie then goes to a meeting with Robbie Mac, (the gay client who wanted a "gaygent") talking about three scripts to get his career back on track but not before Robbie installs an app on his phone called Grinder which lets men hook up with one another in proximity who are DTF. He gets hit up by a college age boy who Robbie insists he services and gets serviced by. Charlie insists to the young man in the bathroom that he's only pretending to be gay to get Robbie as a client for career advancement and pays the young man to be quiet on the matter. Charlie's lie will surely get him in deeper excrement this season but it remains one of the stronger plot points. Hank's relapse was unnecessary however and weakened the point in the beginning of the episode. I just want to see him actually break down and admit that he needs help rather than just saying that he doesn't have a problem. Also hopefully the writers will keep it cool and make Faith a platonic friendship that inspires to want to be clean from now on. And the plot device set up last week of Karen being the interior designer for Karen's (apologies for last week apparently she's not the house sitter) simply finding Hank this week seems kind of lazy and hopefully we get more mileage out of her working there.