Season 1 Episode 9

Filthy Lucre

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 08, 2007 on Showtime

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  • amazing!! a great performance by all actors.

    great cast, great plot, almost superb.Hank is the perfect example of how is difficult to be an adult and understanding what we wants and how we can be happy. it's not that easy give this aura to a tvseries, but i have to say that all the people that contribute to Californication are doing a brilliant job. Karen is a perfect example of how sometimes we choose to live always in the confort zone so do not take the risk of loving someone that is not properly " a good boy". well done, hope there will be more in the next season.
  • Are things falling into place for Hank?

    Following his physical make up with ex Karen, Hank returns from New York and with apparently all the right inspirations manages to write again, typing a new novel in the process! Hurrah!

    However things then take a downhill turn for both Hank, and his agent Charlie. In what is a good piece of interaction and development, Karen and Hank face off in a really good emotional scene which ends with her asking him to respect her decision to marry Bob.

    Charlie suffers similar problems having also come home with new found hope to find out his wife is having an affair with secretary Danni.

    So it seems both of the main males in the show are on a bad run. To top it off Hank has his new Porsche stolen at gunpoint with his novel still in it, although a copy exists that he doesn't know of.

    Good development of Hank made this a good episode!
  • This was kind of different episode , where we can see Hank like different person... Bravo !

    I like Hank's trying to be 'better' man. But he is like fish on dry. Like walking on the one place. All that trying is sweaty for watching. But Hank isnt lose his irony. Thats the key of his caracter. Man, they stealed his car and he light up cigarette. Bravo for his caracter. His relationship with Becca is impressive, iam glad about that. And about other reletionship, Hank and Karen, here i can say a lot. This is so confusing and hard for bouth of them, fighting against the shadows. And bettween theese fights we can rest with threesome Charlie, his wife and secretary. btw music in seria is very good.
  • Hank comes back from NY and has actually written something, Mia proves her true colors

    Did I not say that we should hate Mia? Did I not?!?!?!?! She is awful and I just knew that she was going to wind up stealing that manuscript from Hank and pawning it off as her own as they showed in the preview. I think this show could totally function without her character and I wish they would get rid of her because watching her actually makes me ill. I understand that she doesn't like her dad and her life is sooooo hard, whatever. She's not a good person and I'm tired of her already. It was one thing when she was torturing him a little bit but this is just too much. On the other hand I really loved the way Hank bought that guitar for Becca. What exactly is going on with Karen? She is clearly still in love with Hank except she is saying that she's not but then she goes and sleeps with him, yea I know she was greiving but come on, its not like she didn't want to before either she just used that as an excuse. And now she is going back on her feelings to be with Bill? Not for nothing, but his character is so annoying everytime he's on screen he puts me to sleep.
    The stuff with Charlie and his wife is hilarious, I mean, there is clearly no need for it in the show, but I totally laugh at everything that goes on with the two of them and that Dani California girl. So funny and much needed comic relief for the drama and pain that I feel for Hank.
  • Great episode. Hank seems a new man, he has a new outlook on life and a new car to boot.

    Great episode. Hank seems a new man, he has a new outlook on life and a new car to boot. Suddenly though everything is flipped on its head, he is awakened to the fact he is finally losing Karen. Karen however discovers a new side to Bill and could be a sign of things to come.

    Hank's agent Charlie is also going rough times, as his wife is find a new found interst in the bedroom with his current secretary.

    Rebecca and Hank's relationship grows stronger.

    The Pretenders by Foo Fighters is a fitting end to the episode. It almost sums up Hank's life at the moment.