Season 1 Episode 9

Filthy Lucre

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 08, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Hank comes back from NY and has actually written something, Mia proves her true colors

    Did I not say that we should hate Mia? Did I not?!?!?!?! She is awful and I just knew that she was going to wind up stealing that manuscript from Hank and pawning it off as her own as they showed in the preview. I think this show could totally function without her character and I wish they would get rid of her because watching her actually makes me ill. I understand that she doesn't like her dad and her life is sooooo hard, whatever. She's not a good person and I'm tired of her already. It was one thing when she was torturing him a little bit but this is just too much. On the other hand I really loved the way Hank bought that guitar for Becca. What exactly is going on with Karen? She is clearly still in love with Hank except she is saying that she's not but then she goes and sleeps with him, yea I know she was greiving but come on, its not like she didn't want to before either she just used that as an excuse. And now she is going back on her feelings to be with Bill? Not for nothing, but his character is so annoying everytime he's on screen he puts me to sleep.
    The stuff with Charlie and his wife is hilarious, I mean, there is clearly no need for it in the show, but I totally laugh at everything that goes on with the two of them and that Dani California girl. So funny and much needed comic relief for the drama and pain that I feel for Hank.
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