Season 1 Episode 9

Filthy Lucre

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 08, 2007 on Showtime

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  • This was kind of different episode , where we can see Hank like different person... Bravo !

    I like Hank's trying to be 'better' man. But he is like fish on dry. Like walking on the one place. All that trying is sweaty for watching. But Hank isnt lose his irony. Thats the key of his caracter. Man, they stealed his car and he light up cigarette. Bravo for his caracter. His relationship with Becca is impressive, iam glad about that. And about other reletionship, Hank and Karen, here i can say a lot. This is so confusing and hard for bouth of them, fighting against the shadows. And bettween theese fights we can rest with threesome Charlie, his wife and secretary. btw music in seria is very good.