Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 06, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Freeze Frame

    An okay episode of the show, but unfortunately we had a guest appearance by the awful Josh Gad as a doctor. That alone brought it down for me.
  • Vasectomy gone bad, and Hank catches up with Mia

    *Before i start, this is my first review here and also im from the Netherlands, so excuse me if my english is all that good, call it work in progress ;)*

    Anyways, good episode, it looks like we found out who the father is to marcy's offspring, not very suprising anyway.
    Charlie was hilarious, loved it when he started singing while shaving, this guy is pure comedy gold.

    Hank's scene with his lawyer was nice, especially when she made that comment about Hank should smile more, and it gets here wet, Hank reaction here is priceless.
    After that we see Hank helping out a depressed Mia, there scene together is sweet, but i still dont think he can fully trust her, after they come from the balcony, Hank suddenly becomes dizzy and has to lie down, only to be jumped by the girls and at this very unlucky moment the stoner guys decide go get back at him by taking a picture of them, poor Hank, im curious if the picture will have further consequences, was he set-up by Mia?
    Great episode overall, this is shaping up to be the best season yet (after season 1 offcourse)
  • Scent of an Under-aged Woman

    Hank learns that the prosecution in his case doesn't have a very strong case and they will likely offer him a deal. Mia comes back into the picture and gets a little too up on stuff than she should. Charlie has a hot date and cuts himself while manscaping and learns some troubling information about his past vasectomy that may have gone awry. Hank goes to see Becca and the Queens of Dogtown following a dinner with his lawyer and she says that he has a lot of darkness but wants the white picket fence and he will undoubtedly have to choose between them sooner or later. Seeing Becca warm up more to Hank after his coming to her play was needed as she may finally be warming up to her dad again and she can Karen can get past what he's done, the hard part will be forgiving himself.
  • Charlie learns some bad news about his vasectomy while Hank has a few unusual meetings

    When one thinks about it, there wasn't a whole lot that actually happened here. There was a lot of sitting and talking, and I actually didn't have a problem with that. Unlike last week's episode, which had a completely insane plot, this week was much more to the point and entertaining.

    I still don't understand why in the world Hank hangs out with Mia, a girl that he's in the middle of an investigation about for supposedly raping her, but hey, Hank is Hank, and he'll do what he wants.. I'm not sure how I feel about the Sasha Bingham character right now.. at first, I thought it would be an interesting temptation for him, someone who would exist simply to act as a roadblock on the road from where he is now and where he wants to be.. and I suppose I'm still a bit intrigued, but the character itself is pretty two dimensional. On the other hand, the final conversation between Hank and Mia while they sat on the balcony was great.

    I'm also liking the Carla Cugino character as Hank's lawyer. We learned more about her than we ever learned about Sasha Bingham. I hope we see more of her in the future.. I'm not sure how I feel about Karen meeting a new guy, but I'm always a fan of a little bit of drama in my Californication, and we got some of that after Karen, Becca and the other people go to dinner, leaving Hank behind. And as for Charlie's plot.. well, at least we get an answer as to who got Margy pregnant.

    The ending is another typical "Oh crap, Hank is going to be misunderstood!" moment, and I hope they don't drag this crap out. Obviously the picture will come back.. but come on, give the guy a break!