Season 1 Episode 7

Girls, Interrupted

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 24, 2007 on Showtime

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  • poor Becca...Mia needs some preofessional help...

    So I am really not sure what Mia wants from Hank. After the sex and the black eye I thought it was just to get back at him for him trying to take her dad's new fiancé away. But then the way that she called him once only to cry wolf, she's messing with his head some how. But then she calls him when she is in real trouble. It is not like she needs a father figure in her life. And I feel sorry for Becca, all she wants is her parents together. She knows it is not going to happen so she will settle even with them having dinner as friends. Then Mia messes that up. I wish Hank would have just stayed with her. Poor girl.
  • Hank tries to help Becca see that there can be happy endings but gets sidetracked by Mia's problems

    This show wasn't quite my favorite, although I have to say that's all relative because i still am in love love love with the show. I am getting a little tired of Mia's antics since she is clearly doing a lot of this on purpose, although how much can you blame a 16 year old kid for the kid of stuff that she is pulling. I think the reason she bothers be so much is that I want Karen and Hank to get together so much and I know that somewhere down the line him having slept with Mia is totally going to derail that. I also felt really bad for Becca in this episode. She just wants a family and not just any family but her own and all of the stuff that keeps going on is making her kinda unhappy. Although she is a pretty insightful kid for being 12 or however old she is. The stuff with Hank's agent was pretty funny, some nice comic relief for the seriousness that was this episode. I almost died laughing when the nipple clamp thingy pulled off his nipple. So funny.
  • this one is slightly off what what I have come to expect from the show. Still good but it is more about the plot and less about the characters.

    From a show that is largely build on character development you come to expect a lot more than what this particular episode delivers. Hank's character seem a little bit shallow with the recurring theme of Bob Dylan but the good thing is that this is only a suttle slip up. Otherwise there is a much awaited development in the father daughter relationship. Only the development of that particular story suffers greatly from the format, i.e. the fact that you have roughly 25 minutes to develop a story and bring it to a conclusion.
    Anyway, all flaws aside, the episode is not very eventful and deals with 2 major stories, the one about Hank and his ex not-exactly-a-wife and the one about Charlie and his marital problems. Both stories are fairly well developed given the format constraints and the acting is just as great as in the previous episode. The average classification of this review is only average for the show not compared to the loads of sub par production on TV.