Season 2 Episode 8

Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 16, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Good episode

    Noo, Charlie. Why did you have to go and sleep with Daisy?! I think that was so unnecessary. Charlie and his wife are such a perfect couple, highly dysfunctional, but they're just great together. They already got over a major, and mutual, deceit and moved on from that. Why go and spoil it for some pornstar he has a crush on? But I did like the episode, I think it is sweet how everyone takes care of each other in strange ways mind you, but still. As for Hank, I think he did well in this episode, no major disasters, which is unusual...
  • Hank tries to learn more about Ashby's lost love before sleeping with her maid. Charlie gives into temptation and sleeps with his client.

    This ep is like all the others, funny and brilliant. Hank tries to find out more about the woman Ashby lost in his prime. But all goes down hill when he is trapped out by the pool hiding from her husband when he has an encounter wih the maid. This puts him in Karen's bad books as he can't leave the house.

    Meanwhile Karen discovers that Ashby is Mia's older man. In anger she goes to confront him when she falls down the stairs. Ashby patches her up and makes a move on her making her all misty eyed. Charlie then sends his missus off to her mother's place but she is no where to be found (probably sniffing some more coke!). So Charlie gets comfy with his porno client as she wants to teach him how to hold off climaxing in sex. All the ingredients for a funny taboo romp.

    This ep, as I said at the start, is like all the others in that it was funny and pushed the story further with every scene. Just further proof why cable TV is the best!
  • good episode but not one of my favorites.

    This was a good episode. I loved the Karen finding out about Mia and the whole confrontation thing, but nothing overly exciting happened. Hank had sex, but that is pretty much always expected. They setup a storyline with the new girl, so at least we have something to look forward to. It was a good time killer, but it wasnt overly dramatic. I miss all the old drama from season one. Rumkel and the porn star are the best drama the show has going on right now. I am not too happy about the wife getting sent away she is the funniest person on the show.
  • Hank sleeps with a maid.

    Really filler episode here. Up until the scene with Charlie and Daisy having sex there were very laughs. Hank's lines all came off as forced and there just was not the same raunchy comedy we have come to expect from Californication.

    However, the aforementioned Charlie and Daisy sex scene was hilarious. From Charlie's box of items designed to improve his longevity to not understanding Daisy's terms this was just a perfect scene.

    This was definitely a candidate for worst episode of the series. I hate writing that because this was still good in comparison to many other shows but just not very good by Californication standards.
  • Hank is back to his best.

    This episode showed that Hank is not only someone constantly blundering into sexual encounters (though he still does of course) but we also see his real feelings here. I can't help feeling that Charlie and Marcie really deserve each other as he was so easily led astray by Daisy and she clearly never had any intention of visiting her mother!

    The series goes from strength to strength and the characters grow on me with each episode. I keep thinking that they will run out of situations to involve Hank in but the writers still keep surprising me with their inventive ideas.

    Californication is definitely one of my guilty pleasures of the moment!