Season 6 Episode 4

Hell Bent For Leather

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 10, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Cruising: Part 2

    Hank, after leaving rehab and not returning last week much to my disappointment, gets a pitch from Charlie about getting tasked with writing a remake of the 1980 Al Pacino thriller "Cruising" (never seen and don't really want to), with Robbie Mac starring. But the studio exec who he is getting the meeting with happened to be the one who fired Hank and rewrote the screenplay for Crazy Little Thing Called Love after Hank had allegedly refused her sexual advances. In the meeting Robbie shows up with a boombox saying that he loves the movie and wants to take on the job. Marcy adopts the "Femi-Nazi" way of doing things with her new book club friend who she does a complimentary waxing for. I have to say this woman's portrayal is totally written by man, the "men are the enemy" crap that comes out this woman's mouth could only be from someone who is truly bothered by women challenging male power and points out the gaping biases the writers of this show have in their outlook on society. However, the one funny thing that came out of it was the term "she-ness" getting used for female empowerment and them not realizing the phallic connotations of it. While at a party at Robbie Mac's Robbie says that he wants to sleep with Charlie out of gratitude for getting his career back in track even though he's not attracted to him. Hank and studio exec begin to hack out their differences and with the help of alcohol are involved in intercourse. The secretary having a "crush" on Charlie was a total waste of her and simply using her as a device to force Charlie out his pretending to be gay storyline for which Robbie fires him after he refuses to service him and accusing the now naked secretary of trying to rape him. I'm quite sad to see Robbie go, he was such a fun and out there character and now I guess we're stuck with the ever so annoying Atticus Fetch leaving Hank to deal with the "ever so quirky" celebrity that they must work with. Not a bad episode and by far the funniest one this season, especially seeing Bates at the gay bar Hank goes to. The exec leaving mid-sex because Hank was telling her off for how wrong he head treated her felt right seeing as Hank may sleep with anything that has a pulse and is female but when someone pushes him down he's going to speak his mind. Now Charlie is out of a job, Marcy is embracing her "she-ness" and Hank can't seem to bridge the gap between himself and Karen once again.
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