Season 5 Episode 7

Here I Go Again

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 19, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Here I Go Again

    The stripper could have been better cast, but overall it was an okay episode. Once again it was Charlie's over the top acting and odd sex scene that made the episode.
  • Hank the White Knight

    After last week's confession of making a mistake Karen wakes up in Hank's bed, but they didn't do anything and it's good to see that Hank wouldn't take advantage of her in her hard times. But things get complicated when Bates shows up after a hard night out and hooked up with a stripper. She has his wedding ring when they get to the motel and Hank pays her for it and Hank lies to Bates later and he tells him that before he blacked out the night before the stripper said that he didn't want to ruin his marriage by sleeping with her. The stripper shows up again at Karen and Bates's house with his wallet and when Karen catches them outside Hank plays it off like the stripper, who they deem as Holly, is his girlfriend but Holly insists on coming inside. Meanwhile, Lizzy got fired working for Marcy and Stu as nanny because she swam naked in their pool when she thought that she was alone. But when Charlie goes over to Marcy's house later Stu tells him a different version of him seeing Lizzy naked after the pool usage so something might be slightly amiss here and Lizzy might just be manipulating her way into something by using Charlie or something. Charlie and Lizzy sleep together after he catches her naked after a shower she took and since it's not inappropriate for them to sleep together now. Afterward Marcy calls and says she wants to hire Lizzy back but can't get a hold of her. The two now have something and they kiss saying that she hasn't accepted the offer yet. Holly is a total loud mouth jerk that I wanna punch and Hank just keeps on going with it even when she mentions Bates only Tyler notices the fact that Bates slept with her and he blackmails Hank into reading his screenplay for him to keep his mouth shut. When Holly starts dancing for Tyler Becca attacks her who is then attacked by Karen and Holly is then attacked by Bates who exclaims a lot of revealing stuff but Hank talks him into the fake story and he goes along with it even though I don't think everyone in the room is really that stupid. Hank takes Holly from there after getting told by Becca to stay away because everything he touches gets destroyed and acting like he is being all noble. But that's what makes Hank so endearing is stuff like this, he could easily have Bate's head on a roast and take Karen for his own but instead he kills himself trying to keep his secret because of his respect for the guy and really takes a lot of bullets that a lesser person really wouldn't so yes he's noble despite all of his shortcomings. Decent episodes, but still a little too pervy throughout seeing as Charlie and Holly seem to just be spouting random sexual facts and whatnot just because they can.
  • Takin' one for the team that doesn't want you on the roster

    The story arc of Hank in this episode harkens back to how he has always been a dynamic character throughout all of the season. From the very opening of the episode it becomes apparent that he only wants what is best for Karen and Becca. Watching a man do something so profound for the ones that he loves with no expectation of anything in return.... with the expectation of nothing in return is poignant in away that is incomprehensible without the drastic change that we have seen in seasons 1-5.