Season 4 Episode 3

Home Sweet Home

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 23, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Homecoming: A Hank Moody Reconciliation

    Hank awakens in the hospital after having overdone it on the boozing and pills. Karen thinks he tried to kill himself and so they reconcile because of it (sort of). Runkle pushes Hank to begin to write the screenplay and how beneficial it will be for him if it turns out to be good. Also Stu, the producer of F&P, meets Marcy while looking for Runkle and decides to make a pass at her with Runkle's blessing and offers him some-booty in return. Becca begins playing on the pier and under strange circumstances gets an audition offer from a band. The most painful part of this episode is Hank and Becca and while we all know that Hank has had trouble reaching her in the past at least they were sort of always on the same page, now she's more cold and heartbreaking than a Foreigner song and we can see how much it hurts Hank and in turn us as well.
  • "She loves me, she loves me not."

    Hank wakes up in the hospital and is awaited by Karen who was shocked that he tried to kill himself and embraces him (again) for who he is. Charlie in the meantime strikes a deal with Stu (the producer) involving Stu dating Marcy and Charlie getting a girl in return for not cock-blocking him. Hanks relationship with Becca however is colder than ever before. Becca can't forgive him for attempting to commit suicide. In the final scene Hank explains that he didn't try to kill himself and then Karen is mad at Hank again.

    In my opinion this show has been taking the drama aspect a bit too far. This episode had very little laughs and was basically all about the (re)rise and (re)fall of Hank. Now in theory this shouldn't have to be that bad, it could be a great setup for another episode. What annoys me however is that Karen fully forgives him at first, because she was shocked that Hank was in so much pain, only to completely snap at him again when she finds out that the suicide attempt wasn't a planned suicide attempt at all. I mean really? How does this change anything? Hank was in a huge amount of pain (inflicted by a gigantic overreaction to the whole Mia thing in my opinion) regardless of whether he intended to kill himself or not. She has to have seen that through the countless of attempts of Hank to reach out to her and Becca. All in all Charlie's 'I'm banging more chicks with my dysfunctional penis part didn't do much for me and neither did the whole Becca playing guitar thing (great now there is an entire group of cold unappreciative wise-ass girls coming up). I hope they are able to pull this season straight with some comedy and stop dragging this whole 'I love you Hank, I hate you Hank' thing on.

    Thanks for reading my humble opinion.

  • Hank moves back in with Karen

    After last week's dramatic ending, the tone of Californication remains relatively the same. We get the usual Californication humor and dose of random sex, but with a lot more dramatic scenes between Hank and his family. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Californication works better when there's more of a blend of drama and comedy. Sure, it's nice to laugh at sex jokes every now and then, but this season acts as a great contrast to last season. Last season, we had a lot of hooking up, but this year, we have Hank having to face the music now.

    I was a bit surprised that Karen would be so forgiving, even though Hank almost died. I would aspect she'd be slightly worried but not so much so that he would be able to move back in. And I'm finding I care little about Marcy's plots. But it is fun to watch Charlie try to surpass triple digits in terms of having sex with woman. His quest continues in this episode, but it's clear that will only satisfy him for so long.

    I did like that we weren't burdened with guest-stars here like the last two episodes. It gave us time to focus on Hank, Karen, Becca and the main characters we've come to love. Hopefully the season will stay at a consistently entertaining level from here on out.
  • More of the same. Why am I watching this?

    Last night's episode of Californication finally made me realise that I really do not like Californication. I only seem to watch it for it's variety of t&a and even for me; that's lame.

    What bothers the most is that people of the age 40+ talk like they expect 'cool' 12 year-old's talk. It's awfull. Hearing the Karen character dramaticaly say something like: "Twitter it to me, Myspace me, you can even Facebook it to me" after Hank presumably tried to kill himself is pure torture and this episode was full of it.

    Second (of a long list of complaints). David Duchovny and Natascha McElhone have a daughter. He is a succesful writer, she is a succesful something (?). Is it in any way possible that these people conceive a fat, slightly retarded. black haired (!) girl? It's clear to see that the producerts of this show would have liked to invest in a girl that would grow out to be, well, not this girl. So the storyline around her is again completely different this season. Pushing her back a couple of seasons.

    Third: the ugly people annoy me. They are vulgar. There is no humor in sex, or anything related to it when on the one hand you present us with truly magnificent women in all states of nudity and then let some fat bold guy make a joke about his penis Fourth: this episode still revolves around the whole Mia-thing (which is probably the only character I slightly liked). Get over it! A 21-year-old playing a 16-year-old, pretending to be a 21-year-old, having sex with a 50-year-old, playing a 40-year-old pretending to be a 29-year-old is nothing to waste five seasons on.

    And last (because you propably catch my drift): we have all seen this episode five times every season: Karen is mad at Hank, Hank is 'in pain', their daughter is 'in pain', one of the two hot guest 'stars' is naked and I go to the toilet every time those ugly people are on.

    Thank god it only lasts about 20 minutes.
  • 403

    Wow, was this a bad episode or what? Never have I been so bored with an episode of Californication as I was with this one tonight. It was just the cast moping around their problems, and it was not even good moping, it was horribly-written dialogue. There were no funny lines, nothing even remotely close to a funny scene here today, and yet another wildly inappropriate sex scene, even by the distasteful standards that Showtime has bestowed upon us for the past four years with this series.

    Californication has turned into Borification and things better turn around quickly or I won't be watching for much longer.