Season 6 Episode 12

I'll Lay My Monsters Down

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Apr 07, 2013 on Showtime

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  • I'll Lay My Monsters Down

    Another season ending, another Hank moody breakup with a blonde. By now I am tired of this story over and over again.

    The cliffhanger was okay, but I don't think they're going to get back together right off the bat next season.
  • Well...

    I actually enjoyed this episode very much. The humor that has always been there and that becomes stale after a Californication marathon was there. The heart of the show that seems to emerge in these kind of episodes was there too.

    The only flaw that it had (in my opinion) was that Hank just doesn't seem to have what takes to move on. I like Karen and Hank as individual characters but I just don't feel it between them. I felt it back in the first two seasons or so but now it seems that they seriously have too much baggage that is going to stop them from having a healthy relationship.

    Just like Lew Ashby said "It's not about giving up... It's about moving And I think that Karen is starting to do just that while Hank still has problems with moving on which is my biggest problem with this show..
  • Star Crossed Rockers

    Hank is torn as to whether or not to stay in LA to continue to be around Karen or to go on the road with Atticus and Faith and have a serious relationship with her. Atticus begins his tour after his opening night at the Greek, at which he remarries Marcy and Charlie, and Hank asks Karen to marry him which she refuses. Atticus plays a hell of a show and after getting a call from Becca on the road, she tells him to be happy, so he agrees to go on the road with Atticus. It was amusing seeing Atticus and the gang travel by bus since the impending divorce makes the plane a no-go financially. But you gotta love seeing Hank happy, once again we spend another finale in the Hell Bar with Lew Ashby of seasons gone by coaching Hank on life. I was glad that Hank chose to be happy with Faith but after a certain point I knew that he would go back to Karen, even though she refuses to be with him and told him that she can't love him again in not so many words. Faith solidified herself as totally cool by being totally chill with their sort-of breakup since they were never together in the first place. Krull gives Hank a lift back to LA on a motorcycle and Krull gets a little more humanized through telling Hank about a lady he was once in love with and did a similar exodus to try to win her back as well. What makes this different than before is that Becca is kind of out of the picture and whether she will be back next season or still abroad, time jump like Season 5 maybe, Hank and Karen are alone in LA. I completely agree with Lew Ashby that "you make promises to try and change while you're in bed for a few days. Then you get out of bed, go back to your life and your problems are still the This can sum up Karen and Hank's correspondence perfectly, I'm not sold anymore that they belong together and I was totally happy with Hank being happy with Faith. Just because he has a dream and wants to pine over the same woman whose constantly turning him down seems borderline masochistic to me since he had a perfectly happy relationship to fall back on with Faith in this instance. I get that Tom Kapinos is doing the whole R & J thing here but Hank and Karen are a little more nuanced and grown up than those two were and should conduct themselves as such. I want to see Hank grow more than I want to see him with Karen and always falling back on self-pity which seems to be his favorite dish. The problem with these last couple of seasons is that there is no more novelty between Hank and Karen, they've loved and lost each other so many times I don't care anymore. I only keep watching to see ultimately where the characters end up and to see Hank (hopefully) evolve since he's the magnetic presence and main draw of the show. The show's biggest downfall is that it doesn't take itself seriously enough and when it does it takes itself way too seriously such as this episode with Hank putting everything on the line for what Boston would claim is "more than a The humor does grow old but what's kept me watching is that Hank is a truly interesting guy with issues I can relate to and I hope that Tom Kapinos can deliver a lot more in the future and rather than dive more into the symbolism and the Hell Bar cynicism to embrace what Hank has learned this season. The best episode of the season is "Everybody's a F***ing Critic" because we see Hank's work and he develops through his relationships with the women in his life and is what used to make this show so very great and hasn't been quite the same since Season 4. I want to see Hank the optimist, as he learned to be, to embrace Faith's mantra in Season 7 of "it's easy to be cynical, dare to be an optimist" which he seemed to take to heart through his encounters with Faith and ultimately letting Becca go on her trip around the world to grow. I hope that this seeds even more shifting away from the woe-is-me Hank we saw a lot of this season and the mockery of rehab we got as well. Also, congrats to Runkle and Marcy for getting back together, although I will miss Stu who never did get that male chastity thing off as far as we know and who was an exciting and funny secondary character.