Season 6 Episode 6

In The Clouds

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 24, 2013 on Showtime

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  • In the Clouds

    Definitely one of the oddest episodes of Californication to date. Funny in parts, but just way too poorly written and way too much nonsensical sex and dirty dialogue.
  • Shakes on a Plane

    Hank hops a flight aboard Atticus' plane to NYC with Charlie in tow as well as Faith and new widow Fiona. Atticus brings Hank along to inspire him to write songs for the musical since he's meeting the producers in NYC and doesn't have any written yet. They take to doing drugs and Faith and Hank become better acquainted. Atticus tries to have sex with Faith but she turns him down and Hank defends her honor. Fiona takes a shine to Charlie and gives him a handie and later the two have sex while they think the plane is going down. Atticus finally manages to get on his level drug wise when the plane hits turbulence and writes an inspiring love ballad and take it away from there. Faith agrees to be Hank's muse after he defended her honor while Charlie and the rest go ashore. Hank follows a trail of clothes to Atticus's bed and the two sleep together. Very interesting episode and this season seems to have really toned down a lot of the pervasiveness of its content (but it's still Californication let's be honest here) but it's not as in your face even though a lot of the show focuses on people having sex left and right when it's more about Hank and his writing I'm much more comfortable with it.
  • Totally fake! Below average!

    I don't know man, this episode took a wild course. Nothing real, I might say. Practically the whole episode was inside a fake airplane with lots of insane situations with a poor story. In terms of Californication, this wasn't even a good episode. I gave 7 just because I really like to see the big picture.