Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 08, 2012 on Showtime

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  • JFK > LAX

    An okay start to the new season. I wish we got more of crazy Natalie Zea, as I'd much rather have her around than Meagan Good.
  • Hmpf.

    I gotta say, I expected more from the first episode of this new season. My expectations were quite high and I feel like nothing special really got added to this new season yet. This can still change, of course. I'llbe watching the second episode soon. Hoping it will get better. Waiting for the classic Hank to rock again.
  • Return to the Valley (Spoilers Ahead)

    Californication returns and picks up two and a half years after Hank departed Los Angeles with Karen leaving him for another guy essentially and him moving on. We start off with Hank breaking up with a girl (as only Hank Moody could) and proving that he just wanted it to be casual. He gets a call from Charlie about a job and before you know it the plot wheels are turning. Hank lands in LA meeting Charlie's new son Stuart who looks bookish and quiet (he even wears a sweater vest). Hank meets with a rapper, Samurai Apocalypse, who wants him to write a screenplay for him called "Santa Monica Cop" which will be his in-to the film world since he hasn't gotten along with any of the other writers that have tried to pen it. Hank thinks the job stinks and he says he's done auditioning for people who just don't want to hire him flat out. He has also published a new book called surprisingly "Californication" and also gets to meet Becca's new boyfriend who is essentially a young version of Hank. Hank doesn't behave himself very well at that dinner. Also worth mentioning that he meets a woman on the plane ride home who he almost has sex with but makes out with in the airplane bathroom who he is then re-introduced to at Samurai Apocalypse's mansion so there will be some intercourse between them at some point since this show has its tell tale signs (which isn't a bad thing always). But while I feel this show had the perfect ending at the end of season four it's still good to have the gang back together and see how they're doing. Karen's new husband doesn't seem so bad, at least way better than the Ben guy from Season 4 who was a jerk. And now that they've finally time jumped they can explain away why Becca looks to have aged to so much since Season 1. So there is indeed potential in this groundwork but at this point with only a half an hour of witnessing done it's too soon to tell. Oh and the woman Hank pisses off by breaking up with her burns his apartment in NYC down as revenge so it looks like he's stuck for now.