Season 7 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Apr 20, 2014 on Showtime

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  • Julia

    I wish there was more creativity and thought put into the characters in the writers room. Right now to me this storyline just reeks of the writers having no idea though.
  • Julia

    Hank deals with the fallout of the fact that Levon is his biological son. He goes to visit Levon at his home and reconnects with Levon's mother, Julia, who is suitably attractive. She asks Hank to not get too involved in Levon's life because it would "disappoint him" but Hank says that had she told him they had a son he would've been there for him. Hank has his first day on the job of Santa Monica Cop and we meet colorful stereotypes like Terry, someone who has a problem with Hank being "rapist," in what is an actual problem someone can have with Hank as a person. But nope, it's played for laughs. Hank discloses to the writer's room that he just found out he has a son and they decide to maybe incorporate that into the show in some way. Meanwhile, Charlie still can't get it up and I still don't care. Hank and Karen get closer and almost end up reconnecting physically before the bomb drops that Levon is Hank's son and that Julia and he had been together before he had even met Karen which makes her "the other woman" in a sense. I still think the best part of the new season is the new son angle and Rick Rath (Michael Imperioli) the chill and sometimes off the handle showrunner. Levon even tries to break onto the studio lot to see Hank and somehow gets a job as PA which he will start next week no doubt and awkwardness will ensue. Meanwhile, I hope Charlie (who now hopes to be an agent again) will find new clients so that he gets better storylines than "my genitals don't work" because the childishness and laziness of that storyline really shows the wear on the show as a whole.
  • The Heroes Method

    This episode makes me glad it's the final season.