Season 2 Episode 12

La Petite Mort

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Dec 14, 2008 on Showtime

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  • finished up everything, but could have been a lot better.

    Hank and karen are always on different pages. I am glad that the chicks kid wasn't hanks, but it sucks that now that she knows that she has already made plans to move away. I can't wait to see what happens now that hanks a single dad. I am still mad that they killed off ashby I liked him, and I thought that he was good for the show. they should have had more on him and the book in this episode. I wish becka didn't take that little boy back I don't like him. I am glad the runkle is getting what he deserves now. He was stupid to get with the dumb porn chick.
  • Below average

    Make this two reviews, one for this episode and one summing up season 2.
    For starters, this episode was pretty average. It wasn't really interesting and just plain boring. Considering the season 1 finale was so much more insightful and revealing, it didn't exit on the same note. I watched this episode hoping to be entertained by the dry humor and story-line that first captured its audience a year or so ago but this time, nothing like it.
    I'm glad the whole Sonja-Hank baby thing is over and done with as that sub-plot was boring as bat crap, Lew died so no loss there, Karen's going to New York, Becca and that douchebag get back together (terrible excuse for a filler), Charlie and Marcy are getting a divorce and Charlie moves in with Daisy while Hank just stands there as Mia steals his story. All in all, nothing major happened and it will be one slow year to see if season 3 will improve. Wish there was more to say, but this episode has left me with nothing to talk about.

    Okay, season 2 review. In one word: slack. Season 1 started off as this dramedy about a sex crazed writer who had a lot of personal and family issues to deal with. It gained a lot of controversy in Australia thereby exposing the show, people got curious and started watching it. Season 1 was so groundbreaking in the humor, plot and controversy it created, season 2 had to live up to the hype. Unfortunately, it fails. Miserably. It seems (maybe, just maybe) that the writers knew that had stumbled upon a treasure trove and following the feedback (positive or negative), felt as though they were on cloud nine and got cocky. This attitude resulted in a mediocre season involving implausible and cliche storylines and nothing for the actors to feed off. It became a tamer version of itself, which is not what viewers of the first season were looking for.
    Maybe it's just me, but for the whole season Hank stands by twiddling his thumbs while Mia gets away with stealing his story. Shouldn't he be doing something about it, go on the offense instead of taking it up from behind? More had to be done about this plot area.
    Writers of TV shows normally plan ahead, thinking they can get to the five season mark. If this trend in planning is the best the writers can muster, the show and season 3 will die painfully as will the viewers who loyally followed this show from its seedy and witty beginnings. If the planning is a season-to-season thing, they've got to take their heads out and bring Californication to its former glory or risk it disappearing into irrelevant television viewing.
    I'll keep watching, but for how much longer... it's hard to say.
  • Hank celebrates finishing the book, Karen gets a new job, Charlie starts his new life with Daisy and Sonja gives birth.

    So this is the finale to season 2. This episode managed to tie up a lot of loose ends leading on to season 3 later in 2009. The most important event was Karen leaving for New York and Becca staying behind in California with Hank. This should allow season 3 to be more like season 1 with a lot less of Hank and Karen rowing and the whole on again off again situation out of the way. Also Sonja's baby was born and it turns out Hank isn't the daddy so no ties to her either. Charlie has now become a car salesman and living with Daisy while working out a split from Marcy. Overall this was a satisfactory conclusion for the season with plenty to look forward to next time.
  • Not as good as Season 1 finale.

    Californication's second season started off with so much promise and picked up right where the hilarity left off last year, but since then we've had an array of less than stellar half hours. This was not the worst episode of the season, but when Californication focuses on trying to be sweet and romantic instead of being cutting edge and raunchy they fail, and fail miserably.

    In what is becoming the norm the Charlie Runkle scenes stole the show. From his masturbating to his conversations with Daisy he's just such a well-written character right now. Hank Moody had some good one liners as well, almost flashing back to his Season 1 level of brilliance.

    I know a lot of people have given up on Californication this season, and I cannot say that I fully blame them. With Karen out of the picture though, Season 3 just got a little bit more interesting.