Season 2 Episode 9

La Ronde

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 23, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Hank and Ashby date each other's ex's... Fun guaranteed.

    While Charlie is still a litlle confused about whether he'd like to have sex with Daisy again or not, Hank and Lew take each other's ex's on a date. The dates go and Lew shows a new side of him: a romantic side, I would say. But as you Karen is a hard girl to deal with and despite of trying desperately to get a kiss from her the Ashby could not do it. However, there was someone who could get a kiss from Karen and imagine whou would that be... Hank Moody, of course! Hank and Karen end up having sex while Becca's in a friend's house (or Damien's???). In the end, when they were talking, Karen felt something strange on Hank's body. What would that be?
  • Hank takes Ashby's ex on a night out while Ashby takes out Karen. Charlie spends more time with Daisy as the missus is in rehab.

    Californication is just one of those shows that is forever consistent with quality episode after episode and I am happy to say that this is no different. This episode keeps the story moving as all the main characters have some great scenes that keep the plot very interesting for the episodes to come.

    Firstly Hank takes Asby's ex out for a night in an art gallery. Ashby isn't too happy with this seeing it as a date and Hank making a move on his girl. The night seems to be going well until Hank bumps into the woman he impreganated (sorry 've forgotten her name) and her sexually open partner.

    Ashby fires back at Hank by going out with Karen for a private viewing of a band. Karen enjoys the night but refuses all of Ashby's advances. These two story arcs make the audience realize even further the connection of Hank and Ashby as they are very similar people.

    Meanwhile, Charlie finds out that his wife didn't go to her mother's place because she booked into a rehab after taking more coke at the airport. While she is in rehab Daisy sits in at the beauty salon to cancel all the appointments. During this time her and Charlie hang out and watch Dirty Dancing. The sexual tension is there but Charlie is fighting it off for the sake of his marriage.

    The real key point of this ep comes at the end when Karen notices a lump in Hank's groin (guess what she was doing down there?) leaving Hank with a nerous look on his face and a true sense of worry leading into the next episode. This episode was of good quality with its fair share of laughs and drama for good mix. If you are not hooked on this show yet you show sit your bum down when it airs on Showtime next and enjoy the high jinx of Hank Moody, you won't regret it!
  • Now we're getting somewhere

    Charlie needs to let go of his crush on Daisy, right now! And besides, he has to decide whether to act like her father or her lover, they don't really go hand in hand. Marcy is honest at least, I think the least Charlie can do is to be honest with her as well, if he's not going to break it off with Daisy. Karen is not very good at saying no, I thought it was just with Hank, but apparently she just doesn't know how to reject a man, or she's just plain indecisive and doesn't really mean "no". Anyway... So, a new story builds up, Hank has a lump and we'll have to wait to see where that goes. Hoping Karen at least will go through this with Hank. Oh, and kudos to Hank for saying no to Karens look-alike, Janie!
  • Hank and Karen both go on dates.

    Talk about a filler episode. Very little, if anything of note, to talk about. I did like the recurring gag about whether or not two people of opposite genders being together after 7 PM was a date.

    Charlie was great as usual, but the interactions with Daisy were not as good as they have been past weeks. Hank was disappointing, although he did have a few lines that I laughed at. The Lew Ashby character is also really irritating. Mixing him with Karen who has zero comedic timing is not a smart move and their scenes were absolutely painful to watch.

    It's clear they are building toward the season finale, but come on we deserve better than this.
  • Another good episode.

    For one of TV's raunchiest comedies, this episode had far less sex scenes than most of its predecessors. Of course, most of the dialogue was about sex and there were some very entertaining lines throughout.

    Hank's discovery of a lump right at the end was a really pignant moment. Could it be caused by an STD or could it be a cancerous growth? I don't know. I expect all will be made clear to me in the next few episodes.

    The banter between Janie (Lew Ashby's old flame) and Hank was excellent. The situation between Charlie and Daisy continues to entertain too.
  • What was hank thinking, you can't have sex with half the state without catching something.

    I couldnt believe that hank turned down sex, but I guess he got what he really wanted in the end. I the date Karen had was so amazing. I think it's one of the most romantic things they have had on the show yet. Hanks baby mama is so crazy and the guy she is with makes my skin crawl. Water birth I know people have them, but let me just say yuck. I chose to have my kids in a hospital with the good drugs, like normal people. =) I thought this episode was good and it opened up a lot of new things for the up coming shows.