Season 4 Episode 6

Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 13, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Lawyers Guns and Money

    I like the Sasha character and wish they'd fine a way to keep her around. Eddie Nero, not so much. Not funny and little originality there.
  • Hank loses his lawyer and chills with Eddie Nero

    Rob Lowe is on somewhat of a role right now between his roles in Parks and Recreation and now Californication. I personally like him in Parks more, but while his first episode this season didn't do much for me as Eddie Nero, I thought this episode not only made him more neurotic, but at the same time made him seem more normal and understanding. However, nothing will beat that ridiculous monologue/explanation that he gave to Hank and Charlie about how he won the Oscar for Best Actor. It was disgusting, perverted and absolutely hilarious, and it needs to be seen to be understood.

    The rest of the episode was decent. The stuff with Marcy was pretty dumb, especially because Stu is such an uninteresting character to me, despite having a lot of backstory to him. I just think it's a bad plot to include when there's so much stuff going on this season. However, I did like everything with Hank and Eddie, Hank and his daughter, Hank and Charlie and especially Hank and Abby, his lawyer. I can't explain why I like the odd relationship between Hank and Abby, but Carla Cugino has a certain energy to her that I like, and I like her character as well. I knew they would hook up from the moment I saw her, so it should be interesting to see where this relationship goes, especially considering Karen is seeing Becca's friends dad.

    So far, I like Season 4 about as much as Season 3, but Season 3 had Rick Springfield and a few episodes that really jumped out and kicked you in the face with how good it was. None of the episodes so far have done that to me. I'm hoping for some improvement from here on out.
  • Rock Bottom and Method Acting: A Hank Moody Tale

    The picture of Hank, Sacha, and Mia leaks its way onto the interweb and as a result the prosecution drops its deal that would only have Hank do community service and pay a fine. In a fury, Hank's lawyer drops him out of frustration. Sacha drops out of the movie intermittently with all the bad press surrounding Hank but still has an interest in him physically. But the good news is that Eddie Nero (Rob Lowe) read the script and wants to hang out with Hank to find the essence of the character he would be playing. This was overall a decent episode, while Eddie Nero may have been an over the top jerk the first time we saw him and still is he showed a ray of decency to Hank and Becca in this episode as he decides to do his movie anyway, and to see that Karen still cares enough to still her neck out for Hank after all he's done was equally touching as well.