Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 10, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Hank is my favorite!!

    I am OBSESSED with this show. Hank is my idol (and I'm female so that's saying a lot!! :) ) I really love the way he interacts with everyone and the way that he has the ability to be a total jerk and warm my heart at the same time... He so loves his daughter which i think is his most redeeming quality and makes him the kinda guy that so many women want to sleep with! I am also feeling pretty sorry for his agents wife. His assistant is clearly a tramp and he is clearly falling into the trap of being a jerk! i am glad that Hank and Meredith are over but I did feel kinda sorry for both of them because i think they both almost should be actually be together except they are in love with other people. Mia is a trip, she also needs some help but she is 16 so i don't know what they are going to do with her!
  • lulz

    If there is one thing that will always be consistent about Californication, it's its brilliant and comedic writing. Hank pulling out amazing one liner after one liner has you giggling, laughing, or even slapping your knees every other minute. "Of course I'm single, who would have me?" Brilliant! Yet underneath all of the jokes is an insecure man who doesn't care about anyone's feelings spouting his sarcastic remarks left and right. The comedy has actually dialed down a bit, still funny, but the character development noticeably increased in this episode. Some interesting side stories as well, like Becca's crush on her guitar tutor who is messing around with Mia, and then Charlie and his dissipating sex life with his woman.
  • Still disfunctional, but growing up.

    One of Hank and Meredith's dialogue lines about their relationship caught pretty much my attention because in more ways than I can describe it's how I sum up this show: "disfunctional". This hardly means one thing is bad, but rather that it could be better. Since the pilot episode I saw many great elements in this show and because of many subterfuges to attract attention (like the overnudity) or the twists in the show's original description, I stopped watching it until a friend told me it got better right where I left. The thing is, Hank's **** up life with his neverending wrong attempts to make things better is a perfect allusion to most people's day-to-day lifes. For one thing, he wants Karen and Meredith is just a distraction, but Meredith leaving him, even if he asked for it, is more than he can handle. All in all, this is without doubt the show's best episode so far and a sign that it can be back on track.

    Stay tuned to find out.
  • Nice episode

    I just had to review this episode.
    Come on, it's not very often that we have a tv show with an episode named "LOL"... that's just cool... lol
    So I like the whole thing with the "LOL", "LMAO" and "BRB"...
    Hank was really funny in this episode. I like his point of view when Meredith asks him what's his issue with LOL and he says "I don't have an issue, unless you count the fact that every time you say it, you're contributing to the death of english language"... that was really... wow... lol
    I liked the scene when Bill goes to his house and Hank's like " "B" to the "I" to the double "L". What's up, my nig nog?"
    Good episode.
  • I heart Hank and Becca bonding moments.

    Yes! Another episode of Californication that I wholeheartedly enjoyed. (Except the first 10 minutes I missed, but anywho.) I'm glad Hank and Meredith is over. (They are over, right?) One of my favorite moments in the episode was when Hank and Mia bantered as he "escaped" her school. He geniunely is trying to stay away from thinking of her in THAT way, but she just keeps on pushing. He diffuses the situation well, though, and I like that he's noble enough to do that. Another storyline I liked was the Becca and her guitar teacher thing, although I hated that we see Mia plant a big one on him at the end. It did make for some nice father-daughter moments at the end. I left this episode with a smile on my face and Bob Dylan playing through my head. I hope further episodes leave me feeling this good about the series. "If you see her, say hello, she might be in Tangier..."