Season 5 Episode 6

Love Song

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 12, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Love Song

    Meagan Good is a limited actress, but the pairing of Kali and Hank really worked in tonight's episode. The chemistry was strong.

    The flashbacks did nothing for me though.
  • yes" no doubt about that

    tottally jumped the shark
  • Once Upon a Time in L.A.

    Hank dresses up like a sad clown to win the women in his life's affection after them blaming him for getting Bates to take up drinking again. Say what you will about Bates there is a significant bro-code-esque coolness between him and Hank and an understanding and respect that goes far beyond anyone else Hank sees Karen dating. At least with Bates he can understand that he makes Karen happy, and that Bates doesn't hate Hank for his ways and whatnot is inspiring that the two aren't fighting. No Tyler this week, good news. Hank gets called in by Sam Apoc to help Kali write lyrics to a frankly beautiful song that he plays and she can't seem to write the lyrics to. Kali and Hank retire to a location that is never said where it is, my guess is Charlie's place, perhaps? They drink a sufficient amount and they get down to business of talking about how Kali came to be in L.A. and how crazy in love Sam must be with her to try to win her over so thoroughly. Hank's memories are replayed of how he and Karen came to be in L.A. looking at apartments when Charlie encourages him to move out to get Hollywood jobs as a writer. Kali's story about her boyfriend proposing to her on the eve of her and Hank's eventual meeting was heartbreaking because of what she sacrificed to achieve her dreams. I really enjoy the relationship between Kali and Hank, they're both dreamers on the inside looking to create their own respective art. In the flashback series, which have always been well done in this show, Charlie and Hank have a meeting where he and Marcy are together and they talk about how great Los Angeles is. Karen and Hank are reluctant but Hank gets a job offer of 25,000 a week for script polishing on a shooting movie. They also get acquainted with a producer for Hank's book "God Hates Us All" which would eventually become "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" in Season 1. I'm confused about the timeline here since Becca was like 13 when the first season started and Hank describes her as "very very small" so this could mean that the movie that would materialize could have spent years in development hell before the studio strongarmed Hank or they just forgot this little plot hole. The D-Girl (development girl) in charge of the project search offers to sleep with Hank but he refuses when they have a meeting in her office. He gets told that the first draft is due in 12 weeks and Karen tells him that they should move here. The love song that transpires from their writing session/trist results in a moving song played to a montage of Hank and Karen during their time together before season 1. A wonderful episode that gave this season a much needed shot to the heart. Hopefully this midseason awesomeness doesn't fade away.
  • The worst so far

    The sad clown, the call, the black and white memories was all interesting but the rest was expected. It opens a door for future episodes and it makes me wait for the next one. So far it was a good season because this being the worst episode I can't rate it less then 6.