Season 6 Episode 9

Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 17, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Mad Dogs & Englishmen

    Stop bringing Eddie Nero back!

    It was a solid episode here, but he just brings everything down. It had its moments, but Californication Season 6 has been one funny minute followed by 3 weird ones. Not a good ratio.
  • Party Like a Rock Star

    With Hank's well received new pages Atticus seeks to party, but not at his own place. His wife had caught him eating a candy bar out of another woman's special area and so threw him and now he's rooming with Charlie (for free and with Krull too). Karen and Marcy show up and seek to have a good time like the rest of the guests. Charlie gets reacquainted with Fiona again and the two have sex once more. Eddie Nero is also there and he woos Karen into sleeping with him to break his celibate streak of a year which Hank is none too pleased with. Karen does it, it seems, to get back at Hank for his newfound relationship with Faith and she warns Faith to be wary of falling too deep for Hank. While the episode offered the usual potty and sexual humor that is the show's trademark I did enjoy when Atticus's wife shows up to forgive Atticus (because of royalty checks in the mail) and finds him eating yet another candy bar out of Marcy. Stu and Charlie's rivalry over Marcy is childish yet entertaining as Atticus talks her into it and we get a call back to her time with Rick Springfield. Atticus is just such a jerk especially when he describes his sleeping with Marcy as being the real gift out of their arrangement. Faith grabbing Krull by the balls was welcome since he's such a jerk also and is staying at Runkle's house for free also. When Atticus's wife tries to have sex with Hank in Stu room Hank tries to talk her out of it. Seeing Hank be mature about something and making her realize that revenge sex isn't what it's cut out to be directly shows how adult and childish he is as a character. He is capable is this level of depth and adult expression but still can't get over Karen having a nice time with Eddie Nero whom he punches in the face. Karen leaves abruptly and Hank follows her to the beach and we see a great scene where Karen says that there is a part of her that is still expecting him to come back and that she's in love with the potential of him, but you can't be in love with someone's potential. This is a great insight into Karen's heart and mind that we rarely see since it is mostly about Hank and him lusting after her and whatnot but she's absolutely right and it is really tragic how she feels about their relationship. This was by far not as good as last week's by any means and fell quickly into the usual Californication tropes of going for gross out laughs but this scene once again redeemed it and made it infinitely more watchable. In closing, Atticus's suicide attempt was the most pathetic part of the whole episode with his wife taking the gun and only agreeing to take him back if he didn't kill himself that couple is seriously messed up.
  • Soooo bad!

    This season just keep topping itself for worse and worse episodes.