Season 4 Episode 4

Monkey Business

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 30, 2011 on Showtime

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    What has happened to this show? Californication used to be a brilliant raunchy comedy, but it has turned into a completely idiotic raunchy comedy. They are now just saying edgy things for the sake of trying to say edgy things.

    Monkey humor? Really Californication? Really?

    Not a single laugh in this show, and it is sad when Pamela Adlon's character probably came closer to saying something funny than anyone else on the program. Just a really bad episode and this show is in serious trouble.

  • Hank and Charlie meet up with a rich producer while Marcie gets some big news.

    This episode felt a bit strange to me, mostly because a couple of big events occurred with not so much as a wink from certain characters. I just never really believed anything happening, and despite this being the funniest episode of the season for me, it was also my least favorite. At times, it felt like it was descending way too far into broad, gimmicky humor.

    As I mentioned, the episode definitely had some of the funniest jokes and lines. David Duchovny and Evan Handler were great as usual, and we also got a few of the guest stars poking their head in, including Fisher Stevens as a sex-crazed producer who wants to finance the movie. Fisher Stevens provides some of the most ridiculous lines of the episode, and while I thought his character went over the top here and there, it was enough for some big belly laughs. Also, Stephen Tobolowsky is here again as one of the financiers of the movie, and Carla Cugino makes an appearance near the end as Hank's lawyer. All in all, the show got a pretty good group of people to guest-star this season.

    For me, the episode suffers from the ridiculous way in which Fisher Stevens' character dies and from the stupid plot where Charlie is interrupted mid-coitus by a monkey who throws his poop. It's just so childish and stupid for a show like Californication to resort to something so easy, and it frustrated me. We also get Marcie learning she's pregnant, but the reaction she gets isn't one so much of fear and surprise but of irritation. You'd think that she'd be screeching and screaming and going crazy, but nope.. she reacts the same way she does towards everthing else.

    You can definitely tell a Tom Kapinos written episode from the rest of the crew. Some shows, like Weeds, find the creator of the show having less and less involvement in the show over time, while Californication seems to find Tom Kapinos popping in just about everywhere. Hopefully the next episode will be better than this one was. Despite being hilarious, the story itself was a little lacking.
  • Meet the Paycheck: A Hank Moody Story

    Hank and Charlie meet the financier of F&P the movie, an over the top billionaire as per usual. Marcy finally receives the news that she's pregnant from a test and doesn't take it too well. Charlie gets to number 17 while Becca practices with her new band in Marcy's house for their girls night in thing. The paternity of Marcy's baby is questionable seeing as Charlie has had a vasectomy. And throw in a poop throwing monkey and you pretty much get a decent average episode of Californication although it is enjoyable to see a monkey C-Block Charlie and his friend at the party.