Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 20, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Salvation Thy Name is Faith

    Hank, now in an expensive 60,000 dollar therapy is off the sauce. He is visited by Charlie, who spots a client looking to leave CAA, and goes to promise him things to make him stay with the agent. It's revealed that film star is openly gay to Charlie and that he simply wants a "gaygent" who understands his troubles as a gay man. Charlie awkwardly "comes out" to him to make him agree to sign with him, which leads to a funny saying by the client that he suspected that Charlie was all along (as evidenced by his wearing a pink shirt). Hank bombs group therapy by saying that all the styles they use to talk are bull and that this isn't for him. He considers leaving but meets a mysterious young woman named Faith who taunts him that he should just leave so that people who want to be at this rehab can be there without his negativity. Hank apologizes later and tries to get to know her, and he finds out that she was a groupie seeing "the greatest guitarist in the country" who overdosed in a hotel in middle America earlier that week. I like the ambiguity here, leaving the audience to think it was whoever we liked who died. Faith sees Becca visit him in rehab and asks Hank if he really wants to disappoint her by just peacing out of rehab after only a few days. Karen has a job interview but gets the call while smoking weed with Marcy and she goes and totally gets caught being high for a house sitting job. The woman doing the interview isn't phased by it since her husband is a rock star and is revealed to be non-other than Atticus Fetch who we met last week and probably doesn't like Hank anymore. But this means that he's sure to show up again. Marcy gets a visit from Stu who begs her to come back to him and attempts bribing her with money and she lets him go down on her against her better judgment. Becca still is quitting school much to Hank's disappointment against it and the reveal of her staying over with the guy who drove her to visit Hank in rehab was kind of sickening even though Becca isn't even my daughter he just seems like trouble. Charlie gets props from his boss for signing the actor and that Deadline has already written a piece on it and it elevates his status at work as his boss hugs him and says, "Welcome to the So seeing Charlie have a unique journey this season as he learns the consequences of lying to secure a client, hopefully. But Faith seems cool and her chemistry with Hank will surely prove more compelling as the season goes on. Also, ick when Hank is raped by the horny woman from group therapy that was major league sickening.