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  • Hank is going to hell


    This is truly my favorite movie, especially David I'm really relaxed and enjoyed with carefree laugh during watching. I think that 1 and 2 seasons were most fascinating, soulful.

    I recommend!
  • Very funny and witty show for adults!

    David Duchovny shines here of course, but writing is also incredibly good. I love this show to death. Highly recommended!
  • "You can't always get what you want"

    I started watching Californication on Netflix about 2 weeks ago and after watching the pilot I was comepletely hooked! I just got done watching the final episode of season 7, and honestly I think that it was a perfect way of ending the series. Of course I wish there was a season 8 but, "you cant always get what you.
  • Goodbye Hank Moody!

    Goodbye Californication! It's been a good ride, despite the downfall of the latter seasons. I really think that the show should have ended with the Season 4 finale. That way, we wouldn't have to endure the atrocities that were Seasons 5 and 7. The last season was probably the worst. The storyline with the TV show was very boring and all the new characters that were introduced (except Rath) were ranging from annoying to fucking intolerable (I'm looking at you Levon). The episode with Karen's accident felt forced, like the writers really wanted to produce an emotional episode, but it didn't really hit the right expectations for the finale weren't very high, so after I watched it, I felt pretty satisfied. The airplane chase wasn't very original and the fact that Karen took Hank back just because he produced another heartfelt speech about his love for her wasn't very convincing, but I guess I wanted a happy ending for Hank, so it felt right to me. The image of the Porsche left in the LA airport was also very strong. All in all, Californication was a very amusing and at times heartwarming show (at least in its good days) that had at its core the relationship between Hank and his family (Karen and Becca) and when the show focused on them, it was at its best.
  • "Madafakas"

    Lets be honest here! Californication was never going to have the shock, horror ending like the Sopranos.

    Wether you loved the ending or hated it, any real Cal-fan had that tingling feeling, as we said farewell to Hank as the one of the famous Porsches disappeared into the sunset to the tune of "rocket man".

    Us the fans, the critics, the haters can all have our opinion on how it should or should not of ended.

    The fact of the matter is this.......

    Tom, David and all the cast and crew kept us entertained for the last 7 years. I mean who could forget Hanks letter to Karen, Lou fucking Ashby, the church scene, Karen jumping into Hanks car????? The show had us all on the edge of our seats at times. Many a time "lmao" and occasionally... " hurry up and finish season 6, so I can play season 7 back to back to see the ending that we've all been waiting for".

    In my opinion the show should of finished on series 4. Hank driving of into the sunset, with the Rolling Stones playing in the background

    " You can't always get what you want"

    A fitting and respectable ending, to Hank, Karen, Becca and not forgetting us, the fans.

    As Hank said "It is possible that longing for something is better than actually having it. I've heard it said that satisfaction is the death of desire".

    " Fade the fuck out...... The end, muthafakah!".

    Richard Davies.
  • Has it Come to an End????

    Has it really ended??? Would really like to know???

    loved this show, every episode all the characters, and if that was the last episode s07e12 then im happy to say what a wonderful fun time ive had watching this show, and to all the haters out there FUCK U, watched it from start to finish and enjoyed it all, TILL THE FKN WHEELS COME OFF
  • Disgusted

    californication has become even more disgusting and I don't understand why the B word for blasphemy is not part of the rating. Evil personified.
  • Another show I love to hate...

    like Dexter. When is it coming back?
  • First World Problems

    I do quite agree that the latest Season hasn't been up to par with what has recently been. Too much focus on Atticus. Its in my opinion that they had intended for Californication to end after season 4. The finale really seemed to end the Saga. But of course, we were all still entranced by the show, characters and dialogue, that we wanted more (I don't claim it was cancelled, I can't remember correctly) and we would take to the forums for our love of the show. Its kind of like Weeds in my opinion. I loved the show and stopped watching it around the time they were cruising around in a Camper to get away from people. I ended up skipping to the last season because my roommate bought it on Blueray and I was bored. It really got back to its roots and made me want MORE even though the elusive ending would leave me to believe that isn't possible. I kind of think that the shows moved away from a lot of its roots. Like I said, seemed like they were aiming to end it in season four. Common sense only leads me to believe that new writers end up taking these shows in a completely different direction than what they were intended for in the beginning. Just my thoughts.
  • Eye-opener

    With the season 4 and 5 i've been turning away from Californication a bit, but i've recently rewatched all of them and can now see that they are actually pretty awesome, from the right perspective...

    Season 1 - 3 where great because we got to see this great dark character tumble down deeper into the vortex of problems and addictions while juggling this impossible love.

    Seasons 4 - 6 got away from that a bit and became more about Hank & Becca. I've just noticed this since I became a father a few months ago, but in the Father - Daughter (or father - child really) relationship they've given this show a lot more depth and foundation. Suddenly this impossible love shift away to Hank and his child. And that's what has made the last few seasons exceptioneel for me.
  • Great Show

    Yes, it's true it less sex now on the show, because they are in point that changes their life, hank cannot fuck around any more like before, this is real life situation, every person realize what they have done when they getting closer the end. I really like to see Hank and Caren getting married and have a happy life, i think this is why keeping them apart until the end of the show. I think season 7 should be the final they should make is as a happy ending. This show is really revealing the Hollywood life style.
  • Great show in the beginning lame now !

    Season one - one of my all time favourite seasons of any tv show. Fantastic zippy dialogue. It's been going downhill since season 4 season 6 is terrible. Cartoony characters , unrealistic dialog and situations - not to mention going from the RZA to Tim Minchon. sheesh. please stop .
  • Was great - Now Awful

    I totally LOVED Californication when it came out, clever, witty and smart - but last season was more of a drag and now this current season is horrible.

    Its same old same old crap - why is Karen still hanging around if she thinks Hank is such scum - why hasn't Hanks story gone anywhere in the last 20 episodes - why are they employing that horrible woman with the awful fake british accent?

    Its like flogging a dead horse, the greatness of the show has been lost and now I can't even bring myself to watch it. I don't know what changed, but the magic has gone - this used to be a AAAAA+ show, now it's a D-
  • wtf is going on

    end this already! they keep ruining a great show...
  • oh come on...

    .. let it die already.
  • soundtrack

    there must be a soundtrack about the music just made for the show. fuckin' great band.... the intro, the sad endings... and for example the final song in season 4 episode 6, where hank gets the lady-lawer! (; nice hyms...

    really, DO IT!

    All i wanted to do was get a summary of what this show was about and you made that extremely easy for me.. Great Job.
  • Its not the fall that'll kill you....

    As a fan of Duchovny, it really pains me to see how far this show has fallen. The first few seasons were excellent, full of great writing and dialog, fun to watch. Season Four started to fall off the cliff and its been a hard and fast downhill ride ever since. By the end of Season Five I was praying for this show to end, and I swore that I'd had enough, but like the sucker I am, I had to watch the season premiere of Season Six. I made it 10 minutes in before changing the channel. The Hank Moody I once loved and couldn't wait to see each week is dead, apparently along with the entire writing team. What a steaming pile of SH*T...
  • David Duchovny is a good actor.

    The end of Season 5 was very discouraging. Even losers need to win once in awhile.
  • Awesome Californication Wallpaper

    I just loved the banner of the Californication TV show.
  • David Duchovny...your seal of quality adult entertainment!

    A while back a good freind of mine e-mailed me and absolutely raved to me about this new show called Californication and urged me to check it out. I did and I'm very glad I did. David Duchovny has never once failed to entertain me no matter what he's featured in and Californication is no exception. Witty, funny dry humor that never insults your intelligence is a trademark of Duchovny's style, entertainment for the sophisticated viewer's palate. Don't miss Californication what ever you do (but make sure the little ones are safely packed off to bed or at least out of the room, this is definately not for them!)
  • Californication - A Showtime Wonder.

    I have watched 3 seasons of this show now, and I have to admit it is one of the most well written shows. Along with the nudity and the explicit nature of the show, it most importantly has a beautiful storyline. Its not just one of those shows with sex, drugs and booze. Its also about love, father-daughter relationship, loneliness, infidelity and regret.

    David Duchovny is the soul of the show (no wonder he got a Golden Globe for it). He plays 'Hank Moody', the f**ked up, vulnerable, dysfunctional writer. He tries to grapple with his feelings for his ex, played by Natascha McElhone (who is absolutely stunning), and also tries to raise their daughter by trying to be a 'cool dad'. At the same time, he deals with his desire for beautiful women by charming his way through to them and mostly ends up f**king them. His agent Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler) helps him with his writing career which just didn't take off after his first book. Runkle and his wife Marcy (Pamela Adlon) are involved in some hilarious sub-plots together.

    It is difficult to classify this show in a particular genre as it has everything from dark comedy, sex to family drama. Californication and Dexter have taken cable TV to an all new level making Showtime as good as HBO. I strongly recommend this show for its lovely plot and amazing cast especially David. Season 2 may get a bit boring but please keep going as season 3 is outstanding. The soundtrack is really soothing.

    Finally, the show is a must watch and very well scripted. I would like to give it 9 stars most of which are for Duchovny.
  • i still can't get over the fact that they made a show with a title derived from an RHCP song... OK, i'm over it. californication is a whole bunch of nothing that's REALLY fun to watch.

    californication is writer hank moody (david duchovny) californicating...or going around california, banging everything that moves. it just occurred to me that the reason he hasn't gone back to NY (his hometown) is because the show is called CALIfornication...& not newyorknica......OK i won't...I WON'T. it's like that time when they said prison break was gonna end after they broke out of prison, but then 1 of the forum's mrsScofields said they were gonna call it prison break: manhunt... not sure if they ever did, but that's another show... sooo..

    as californication progresses, the past unravels mostly by way of convos/arguments between hank & his lovely, karen (natascha mcelhone) & a flashback or 2 here & there of the couple in ill-fitting wigs (just kidding...but they were grunge) so we get a clear picture of why hank & the love of his life are not together. they have a daughter. i rhymed. in 1 scene, the girl (in her goth phase) tells hank she wishes he & karen would stop behaving like children because she's had to be the parent in the situation, & she's just an effin' kid.

    i was hooked on the 1st season of this show. i know it's no novel concept, but all the sex, drugs & rock 'n roll was slightly shocking & simply engaging. another thing: i have this sort of age progression software with an accuracy rate of 55% embedded in my brain. whenever i see an actor 10 or more years after seeing him/her (usually as a kid), i almost immediately know who that actor is, what shows s/he was in as a kid, what colors s/he looked really cute in, etc. the moment i saw mia, i thought, "madeline zima. youngest kid in the nanny." same thing happened when i saw camilla belle years after poison ivy 2 with alyssa milano (i watched that?) in "when a stranger calls". i just couldn't help doing the math & thinking, "wasn't david duchovny a GROWN MAN in the ex-files around the same time madeleine zima was a kid in the nanny, which would make their age difference.................." shocking stuff. omg, somebody save me from myself.

    but seriously--has this show lost its zing? it seems shows tend to go through their own awkward phase (usually season 2) where we can expect everything to be all ugly & shapeless like a pupa so you poke it with a stick to find out if it's dead or if it's about to transform into this beautiful, glorious butterfly. hank moody can only bang so many hot chicks before that whole shebang gets old. i really dunno where they're taking the show. honestly, i wasn't too crazy about season 2 & come season 3, the show had almost become a backgrounder as i found myself doing like, 4 other things while "watching" the show.

    still, there's some level of curiosity as to what could happen in season 4. i can almost hear anthony kiedis singing, "sicker than the rest, there is no test, but this is what you're craving... dream of californication..."
  • Who is the character Karen based on?

    There has been something bugging me, I was wondering if someone could help me. i have and auntie who dated David Duchovny at one point and I have been told that he even purposed to her (could be false), i have been lead to believe that they dated in the 80's. The character karen looks remarkable like her and has some of her personality traits. So could any major fans please tell me, who is the character Karen was based on? x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x??????
  • How long, How long will I slide?

    Although I enjoy each and every episode of Californication, I find myself wondering how long this show can go on. Can Hank still be alone yet with Karen in season five? Can Mia still be deliciously evil jailbait? Will Becca still be beautiful muse for her father, guiding him with her naivete and optimism?

    All in all, this show is most interesting because it delves into Hank's mind. He is flawed, and yet loved in spite of all of his mistakes. As viewers, we are astonished by his hijinks and relieved when he is accepted.

    The only issue being: How long can Karen and Becca take his crap before they lose it? How believable is it that they continue to love him in spite of all of the terrible and misguided things he's done? When will these characters cease to be believable?
  • This episode was PAINFUL!!!

    Usually a clever and delightful show, this episode was the all-time worst. I've actually never seen a show that I didn't like - until now. The dialog was so poorly written it made me cringe. The overuse and abuse of "street" lingo made these otherwise witty characters seem like nerds. The Marcie character was the worst victim of this, but Hank and Charlie weren't much better. And Evan Handler's performance was very awkward, like he know how bad it was. I'm assuming a different writer or director was used for this episode - they should be banned. Please don't ruin this usually deliciously smart and engaging show with idiot dialog.
  • Oh Agent Mulder!! Tell the aliens to return your brain!

    This description at the beginning of the Pilot summary says it all..

    "We meet 30ish year old Hank Moody in a church asking Jesus to help him get his life back on track. He is then distracted by a hot nun, which turns out to be a dream that is representative of his lifestyle. " (it only gets worse after that involving him having sex with a 16 year old whom he thinks is in college and the sex life his 12 year old daughter - Ick!!). Ok, Showtime often has shows/movies like this but its disappointing to see Duchovny take a role like this. Whats next? Soft core adult films? Since he left the X-Files he really hasnt done much thats noteworthy. He must be pretty desperate to take a role of a sex crazed pervert. Hopefully some day he will return from the abyss to a quality drama on network TV; perhaps after the next X-Files movie? I hope so. I can understand why some people will like this series, but its not for me.
  • What were they thinking? I am sure I read this is a comedy! So that means it's supposed to be funny ... right?

    Wrong!! I haven't seen anything this unfunny in ages and really with all the hype we deserve better! Maybe that is the point if there is too much hype you know it will be bad!

    It really makes me cross that you have rubbish like this being given air time and absolutely fantastically clever, witty and extraordinarily well acted programmes like Studio 60 on the Strip are cancelled!! What is wrong with you people in the networks?? You obviously can't recognised a decent show if you were whacked in the face with a wet fish!!! Is it that you think that by putting a big name actor in the lead role it automatically means you will have a hit? Well you struck out with this one!

    Maybe I am just too old to get the joke but I don't see what is funny about a child walking in on a naked woman waiting to jump her father, nor do I see the humour in using a church for profanity and worst of all I certainly do not think it was funny that he made out with a girl that turned out to be 16; the same girl who introduced his own 12 year old daughter to drugs. Have we lost all out sense of decency in this world? How far do we have to stoop in the name of humour?

    If ever a show deserved to be cancelled ... this is it!
  • A guy that is down on his luck but is up for the ladies.

    I'm a late catching up with this series always wanted to catch it and now I'm catching up with season one. First thoughts were is a dirty dog of a show, not one for the old folks, but hey I'm in the prime of my life so this should be right up my street, and it is!. Duchovny is absolutely fantastic in this, smart, funny & very likeable. Along the lines of weeds and breaking bad in the way it makes you cringe with what's going on. The scene at his ex's house in the bed and the painting is one of the best gut bursting funny scenes I've seen in years. The whole cast are very good and make this show believable and funny. I still have a few episodes to go to complete the first season and I have already ordered season two, that's enough praise in itself.
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