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  • i still can't get over the fact that they made a show with a title derived from an RHCP song... OK, i'm over it. californication is a whole bunch of nothing that's REALLY fun to watch.

    californication is writer hank moody (david duchovny) californicating...or going around california, banging everything that moves. it just occurred to me that the reason he hasn't gone back to NY (his hometown) is because the show is called CALIfornication...& not newyorknica......OK i won't...I WON'T. it's like that time when they said prison break was gonna end after they broke out of prison, but then 1 of the forum's mrsScofields said they were gonna call it prison break: manhunt... not sure if they ever did, but that's another show... sooo..

    as californication progresses, the past unravels mostly by way of convos/arguments between hank & his lovely, karen (natascha mcelhone) & a flashback or 2 here & there of the couple in ill-fitting wigs (just kidding...but they were grunge) so we get a clear picture of why hank & the love of his life are not together. they have a daughter. i rhymed. in 1 scene, the girl (in her goth phase) tells hank she wishes he & karen would stop behaving like children because she's had to be the parent in the situation, & she's just an effin' kid.

    i was hooked on the 1st season of this show. i know it's no novel concept, but all the sex, drugs & rock 'n roll was slightly shocking & simply engaging. another thing: i have this sort of age progression software with an accuracy rate of 55% embedded in my brain. whenever i see an actor 10 or more years after seeing him/her (usually as a kid), i almost immediately know who that actor is, what shows s/he was in as a kid, what colors s/he looked really cute in, etc. the moment i saw mia, i thought, "madeline zima. youngest kid in the nanny." same thing happened when i saw camilla belle years after poison ivy 2 with alyssa milano (i watched that?) in "when a stranger calls". i just couldn't help doing the math & thinking, "wasn't david duchovny a GROWN MAN in the ex-files around the same time madeleine zima was a kid in the nanny, which would make their age difference.................." shocking stuff. omg, somebody save me from myself.

    but seriously--has this show lost its zing? it seems shows tend to go through their own awkward phase (usually season 2) where we can expect everything to be all ugly & shapeless like a pupa so you poke it with a stick to find out if it's dead or if it's about to transform into this beautiful, glorious butterfly. hank moody can only bang so many hot chicks before that whole shebang gets old. i really dunno where they're taking the show. honestly, i wasn't too crazy about season 2 & come season 3, the show had almost become a backgrounder as i found myself doing like, 4 other things while "watching" the show.

    still, there's some level of curiosity as to what could happen in season 4. i can almost hear anthony kiedis singing, "sicker than the rest, there is no test, but this is what you're craving... dream of californication..."
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