Season 6 Episode 5

Rock and a Hard Place

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 17, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Rock and a Hard Place

    Hank and Charlie in the field for the guitar led to some good comedy. I also liked the mini-Lost reunion with Jorge Garcia and Maggie Grace. All in all, a solid episode.
  • Religion

    There's something wrong with this show. I mean religionwise. "Angels licking my asshole"? "Jesus I do not even remember into whose mouth? What's wrong with the script writers? I am trying to imagine what would happen if they tried to mock Islam. But they will never do. They are like bullies at school, kicking the weak and those who will never retaliate. They are cowards.

    Coming back to the episode... well, entertaining as usual, however the same jokes have gotten a little worn out.
  • The Guitar

    Charlie gets fired from his agency and looks to find new employment. Hank, desperate for cash, reaches out to Atticus Fetch in the hopes of rekindling their deal earlier. The bit with him guessing earlier work that he listened to was nice and the predictable naming of the songs on the old records makes them sound truly horrific. Charlie sees Atticus needs a new manager and Hank says that he would be great at it too. Atticus wants to let them prove themselves and gives them the task of retrieving the guitar of his old dead friend Faith's dead rock-star boyfriend for a tribute he wants to write as well as a pound of Peruvian cocaine. Marcy and Stu try to reconcile but Marcy's new feminist friend says that he if really wants to prove it to her he will wear her "male chastity belt" equivalent. Marcy's vindictiveness pays off in a funny way when she leaves Stu alone with the piece on and turns on pornography. Stu's yelling, "Not girl on girl porn!" was one of the best parts of the episode. Hank and Charlie try to find the guitar at Faith's house who says that Rock-Star traded it to a drug dealer to settle his debts. They visit the dealer's house (dealer is Hurley from Lost interestingly) and convince him to give it to them in exchange for Charlie's suit. They get the guitar to Atticus who offers Charlie the job (although the cocaine he gets is a measly amount) but they manage to a lot more of it in the guitar case where Rock-Star kept his personal stash. This means Hank has mended the Atticus bridge and can now have a source of income as well as Charlie getting a new job opportunity things could get very interesting here. Hank's trying to mend fences with Karen don't go so well as she rebuffs his advances to apologize for his relapse the other week which she doesn't seem so keen on forgetting. Also, Faith and Hank seem to have a spark now and her admittance to attaching as the Muse for great artists seems to be a fetish of hers. With mid-season kicking in we have a job and a direction beyond rehab found and hopefully the thrills can keep on coming.

    Notes: Male chastity belt made me cringe.