Californication - Season 4

Showtime (ended 2014)



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Episode Guide

  • 3/27/11
    The judge releases Hank to be a free man. He gets down on himself when he hears about Ben and Karen taking the girls on a road trip and starts to rethink things about himself and his relationship with his family.
  • The Last Supper
    Episode 11
    Hank struggles to deal with the court's guilty ruling. Abby tries her best to make up for not getting Hank off in the courtroom. Hank goes to Charlie's house for solace, where he meets Peggy, and then later runs into his old friend Trixie. Hank uses some of his earnings from the zombie movie to buy a used Porsche. As he drives and thinks about escaping L.A. and the guilty verdict, Hank receives a phone call and ends up spending one last night with Charlie, Marcy, Karen and Becca. The group swaps stories and revels in the nostalgia. At the end of the evening, Karen and Hank share one final night to remember.moreless
  • The Trial
    Episode 10
    On the first day of his trial Hank is clearly nervous, especially after running into Mia's father outside the courthouse. Abby tries to calm Hank down, but the prosecution has enough evidence to make Hank worry. When Charlie takes the stand, he inadvertently reveals some incriminating anecdotes from Hank's past, worsening Hank's image in front of the Jury. Karen's testimony portrays Hank as a childish and pathetic drunk, and Bill adds malice and motive, revealing new information that destroys Hank's credibility of innocent ignorance.moreless
  • 3/6/11
    Hank moves back in with Karen and Becca when the hotel where he's been staying kicks him out over a billing error.
  • 2/27/11
    Hank accepts a job rewriting the script for a new zombie sequel starring Sasha Bingham. Hank walks off the set after Pearl shows up and informs him that Becca ditched school and is now drunk. Later that night at the hotel bar, Hank meets an "age-appropriate" woman, who Hank doesn't realize is close to Sasha. Karen takes Marcy to a clinic, where Marcy debates with whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. Marcy tells Stu that she's pregnant but doesn't get a chance to explain that he isn't the father. Meanwhile, Charlie finds himself in a compromising situation with his real estate agent, but Charlie quickly learns that she is quite "adventurous" in the bedroom.moreless
  • The Recused
    Episode 7
    After sleeping with Hank, Abby decides it would be best if she recused herself as Hank's attorney. She tries to set him up with her boss at her law firm over a game of golf, but things don't go as she had hoped. Hank is disappointed when he learns that Karen and Ben are spending more time together, including the concert for Becca's band, Queens of Dogtown. Charlie, still striving for 100 partners, hooks up with Abby's BBW secretary after Hank sets them up on a blind date. Stu and Marcy seek Charlie's help in pitching a new show to Showtime. Marcy and Stu are overcome with nervousness, Charlie has to take action.moreless
  • 2/13/11
    After seeing the photo of Hank with the two ladies, the DA calls off Hank's plea bargain, making Abby drop Hank as a client. It also causes Sasha to drop out of the film. Marcy ends up making a house call for a bikini wax to Stu Beggs and the two end up hitting it off. Hank and Charlie have a meeting with Eddie Nero but it is cut short when Becca and the Queens of Dogtown get into some trouble. Eddie is then convinced that he should play Hank in the film. Karen goes to Abby's office and tries to get her to re-represent Hank.moreless
  • Freeze-Frame
    Episode 5
    Hank continues to deal with his lawsuit in court. He gets dinner with Abby, who advises him to stay away from Sasha and Mia. Hank talks Mia off the ledge of a building, then he and Sasha head back to Mia's where Hank feels dizzy and passes out with the two girls. Some of the girls' friends take some incriminating photos are taken of the three of them.moreless
  • Monkey Business
    Episode 4
    Hank gets writing again. Charlie schedules a meeting with the films director and others. Marcie and Karen discuss what to do with their unborn baby.
  • Home Sweet Home
    Episode 3
    In the aftermath of Hank's overdose, Karen and Becca think he attempted suicide, which brings him momentarily closer to Karen and pushes Becca away. Marcy meets Stu Beggs, Runkle's client, and Runkle hooks up with a young workaholic on Stu's staff.
  • Suicide Solution
    Episode 2
    Hank's tries to reconnect with Becca by taking her to a guitar store run by musician Zakk Wylde. Later, Hank takes a meeting with an Oscar-winning actor(played by Rob Lowe) who's set to play him in the film of the novel. At the Runkle house, Marcy is becoming sick of Hank and Hank is failing at apologizing to Becca.moreless
  • Exile on Main St.
    Episode 1
    Hank emerges from prison to find that his scandals have put him back at the top of the Hollywood scene. With the truth out that it was Hank, not Mia, who wrote the book, movie executives want to turn it into a film. Charlie and Hank's new lawyer, Abby, try to help Hank, who struggles with his continued legal problems and the news that he's been exiled from Karen and Becca's lives.moreless
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