Californication - Season 5

Showtime (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • 4/1/12

    Hank starts to wondering if he's in Hell when he realizes that the bartender at a local watering hole is his the late Lew Ashby. Richard makes a surprising announcement about Hank and Karen. Hank tries to smooth things over with Becca, but she has some news about Tyler that leaves him shocked. On the set of "Santa Monica Cop," Sam's jealousy and fondness for firearms provides Charlie with an opportunity to show Hank how far he will go to protect his best friend and top client. Hank's ex-girlfriend surprises him with a plan for them to be together forever.

  • The Party
    Episode 11

    After overstaying his welcome at Karen and Richard's house, Hank prepares to leave for New York. He makes a final stop at Malibar, where he runs into Lizzie, who convinces Hank to go back to Charlie's house with. When he arrives, Hank realizes it's a surprise going away party, hosted by his friends, family, and enemies: Karen, Becca, Charlie, Marcy, Stu, Sam, Kali, Richard and his sponsor, Gabriel. Before the night is over, Hank has a final run-in with Tyler.

  • Perverts & Whores
    Episode 10

    After the argument with Charlie, Hank stays Karen and Becca. While searching for a new agent, Hank meets Hollywood power agent Larry Levine, who quickly sets a meeting with the top-notch filmmaker Lars Manderhoff, who also happens to be a Hank Moody idol. It appears to be a perfect match-up when Lars surprises Hank with one of his favorite working girls, Trixie. Upset over his losses, Charlie turns to Marcy for comfort as Lizzie enjoys her big break, a part in "Santa Monica Cop," thanks to Stu.

  • At the Movies
    Episode 9

    As production gets underway on Hank's latest movie "Santa Monica Cop," Stu has brought back his old director from "Fucking and Punching," hoping to create a box office hit with the new movie. However, Hank's rendezvous with the film's leading lady strains his relationship with Sam. Luckily for Hank and the rest of the movie's crew, Charlie has a backup plan in place.

  • Raw
    Episode 8

    Hank is forced to read Tyler's screenplay and is surprised by Tyler's talent, despite the fact that the script appears to be a frighteningly autobiographical account of Tyler's relationship with Becca. Charlie and Lizzie's love quadrangle with Stu and Marcy heats up, but when their bedroom games hit too close to home for Charlie, all four may be headed for therapy.

  • Here I Go Again
    Episode 7

    Hank rescues Karen from an embarrassing situation with a drunk Richard, then covers for Richard by pretending that he is dating a stripper named Holly. Becca is upset when she finds out that Holly has taken a liking to Tyler. Meanwhile, Marcy fires Lizzie after an inappropriate encounter with Stu, and Lizzie turns to Charlie for help and allows their relationship to progress, only to have Marcy beg for her return.

  • Love Song
    Episode 6

    Samurai Apocalypse runs into a lyrical roadblock with his protege and turns to Hank for help. Hank joins up with Kali and writes a song that takes him back in time to a simpler time when he, Karen, and Charlie were happier. But Hank has to face reality when Karen shows up at his door, worried that she made a mistake.

  • The Ride Along
    Episode 5

    Samurai Apocalypse invites Hank and Charlie on a ride-along with the Santa Monica Police Department, fulfilling Charlie's boyhood dream and turning the evening into Hank's worst nightmare. Their joyride ends up taking an unusual sexual twist or Charlie. Richard starts drinking at a crowded Venice restaurant, but Hank and the boys arrive to save the day for Karen and Becca, and Tyler realizes he's seen Sam somewhere before.

  • 1/29/12

    Hank receives a surprise visit from Carrie, the ex-girlfriend who set fire to his New York apartment. Hank is forced to bring Carrie along when Karen and Becca stop by and invite him to a dinner party. Stu, Marcy, and Bates' talk of sexual proclivities leaves the Moodys looking to make a quick exit, but the party gets even more out of control when Carrie has a realization about Hank. Meanwhile, Charlie goes on a blind date with Mary, a "nice girl" who's more than a little inexperienced.

  • Boys & Girls
    Episode 3

    Hank hands a completed draft of "Santa Monica Cop" over to Samurai Apocalypse, but he still finds himself stuck in L.A. when he's asked to take Kali, his "acquaintance" from the flight to Los Angles, out for a night on the town. Tyler crashes at Karen and Becca's house while he recovers from his injuries. Charlie is rescued from a serious parental crisis by Stuart's nanny, Lizzie.

  • 1/15/12

    Hank turns down the job to write Samurai Apocalypse's new movie, but Sam refuses to take no for an answer and takes Hank to a meet with director Peter Berg, where they discover that Hank and Peter have shared more than just a love of writing. Sam decides that he's going to get rid of Tyler, which makes puts a strain on Hank and Becca's relationship. Co-parents Charlie, Marcy, and Stu have their hands full when Little Stuart exposes himself to a preschool classmate, and Charlie makes it his personal goal to mend fences with the offended girl's attractive mother.

  • JFK --> LAX
    Episode 1
    Season 5 premiere. Years later, Hank returns to L.A. to write a movie. (Dolby 5.1) Ends 9/25
  • JFK to LAX
    Episode 1

    A few years have passed since Hank left L.A., and he is living in New York City but looking for a reason to leave after his latest breakup. He takes Charlie up on an offer to return to Los Angeles to write for a film starring rapper/actor Samurai Apolcaypse. Back in L.A., Hank reunites with Karen, Becca, and Karen's former professor and now-husband, Richard. Becca now has a boyfriend, Tyler, who is the spitting image of Hank, in the worst possible way.