Season 4 Episode 2

Suicide Solution

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 16, 2011 on Showtime

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    Californication returned here tonight, but this episode just did not do it for me in my mind. The "attempted suicide" at the end just seemed so random, and yes, I understand that one can argue they have been building toward this, but of all the things that have happened to him throughout this show's history, why would he try to do it now, after a gorgeous young woman wants to have sex with him?

    A few laughs here, but I didn't like the whole You, Me and Dupree thing at the beginning of the episode. Okay, but nothing to write home about here.
  • Hank's descent continues as he meets an actor who wants to play him in the movie of F+P

    Some people may complain about the way Tom Kapinos and crew have been blending the drama and comedy into Californication in the past few episodes of the show, but I must say, it's turned Hank Moody into a more three-dimensional character, something that I've wanted from David Duchovny since the first season. Sure, he's a major sex addict, but what else is he? We get hints here and there about how important his family is to him, but so far, this season has done a great job of making Hank Moody into a better character, something you wouldn't expect four season into a show. Of course, it's sacrificed some of its rapid-fire dialogue and hilarious scenes as a result, but is that such a bad thing?

    At least the show is still funny. Whether it was Rob Lowe's appearance as a Brad Pitt-esque actor named Eddie Nero who once apparently defecated on a woman or his always entertaining bromance with Charlie, the show found ways to get the laughs out. The show has made huge strides since Season 1, and while it's difficult for me to figure out where I stand on which is my favorite, I have to say that it's impressive that the show can at least stay consistent over time.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the Sasha Bingham romance and I'm glad to see Hank having actual doubts about hooking up with so many people when he really just cares about his family. I hope that the Bingham/Moody romance doesn't overtake everything else. But it should be interesting to see how the relationship unfolds.. I mean, think about how many ridiculous scenarios there are: Hank Moody hooking up with the actress playing Mia, the actress playing Mia possibly hooking up with the actor playing Hank Moody.. it's like a ridiculous puzzle, one that should be prety fun to watch.
  • Further Down the Rabbit Hole: A Hank Moody Sob Story

    Hank continues his downward spiral as he finally gets his visitation with Becca but learns that she truly despises him still as they go to run an errand. Hank and Charlie meet with Eddie Nero (Rob Lowe) who is interested in playing Hank in the movie adaptation of F & P and Hank begins a tryst with Sacha who wants to "character work." Charlie continues his upward count to 100. Hank continues to wallow in his sorrows with excess of drink and an assortment of pills from Runkle's medicine cabinet and writes an apology letter to Becca for what he's done because he can't live with her hating him. Solid episode, but I feel as if it's coming on a little heavy thus far with Hank's depression sinking into everything but hopefully they will balance that in with next week's episode with a few more laughs along with the drama.