Season 6 Episode 11

The Abby

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 24, 2013 on Showtime

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  • The Abby

    I can't say this was a strong episode, but I'd also be lying if I said the scene with Raphael finally doing drugs wasn't funny.

    Like most episodes this season, some good and some bad.
  • Bye Bye Rehab

    Hank has to save Atticus from rehab so that he doesn't lose all of his money in his divorce and by not going on tour. He breaks into Happy Endings and get Bates to distract the rehab runner Gabriel and smuggles in tons of drugs. Atticus resists and then ultimately gives in and says that he feels better than he ever did before. Ophelia has lunch with Marcy to apologize tasing Stu and Charlie. She admits that she has feelings for Marcy and tases her and ties her to a radiator. Charlie gets a text from Marcy asking him to help which he does but ends up getting tased too. He is tied to a table and when Ophelia is shown with pair of hedge clippers to remove his testicles Marcy says that she'll do and punches Ophelia out and tases her right back as does Charlie, twice. They both admit that they miss each other and want to get married again and Atticus says that he will marry them at his upcoming concert. Hank contemplates the longevity of his relationship with Karen while still feeling for Faith who he is as solid as ever with. He watches Becca go with her "Troll Doll" boyfriend on their world tour. Hank will have to decide next week whether or not to go with Atticus on tour and stay with Faith or leave that all behind to be in Karen's life.