Season 3 Episode 8

The Apartment

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 15, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Great episode, one of the best this season.

    I've been pretty silent in terms of reviewing or commenting on Californication. I discovered it near the end of Season 2, and have been following it ever since. However, I never felt the urge to review or discuss it with anyone, especially since nobody I knew watched it either. It's a fun show, probably one of the funniest shows on TV right now. With this episode, though, I realized I'm just being lazy by not writing: this was one fine half hour of television, taking all of the plots introduced this season and bringing them together in series of events that culminate in some serious self-reflection on Hank's part.

    I'm a sucker for episodes that can take the characters and not move beyond a single setting. One of my favorite episodes of Friends takes place in the apartment and nowhere else, and plenty of Seinfeld episodes have taken a simple plot and allowed the setting to take control. In this episode, we start with Hank by himself, and one by one, his friends, acquaintances and lovers slowly filter in. This was what the show needed: some resolution to the dozen plots flying around. The thing that drew me to the show in the first place was the antics that Hank got into, but lately, starting with the episode with Hank's childhood friend, it's felt like the show has been stuck in a rut. He was still doing the same old stuff, but he was stuck with these three girlfriends who all wanted more from him, but he didn't want anything with them. Obviously, this needed to be dealt with, and finally, in one of the best episodes this season, the writers have done this.

    There were some really great moments here. Rick Springfield has proven to be hilarious time and time again so far, and here is no exception. It's starnge to say it, but he seems to be even more of a sex fiend then Hank. Seeing them go at it would be hilarious. Line of the night goes to him, when he says "You hear that? Nothing like the sound of a hooker's head hitting a hardwood floor." Plus, watching Hank deal with Stacy and seeing Stacy and Felicia go at it was hilarious.

    This episode gave the show a chance to avoid getting too out of control and from losing focus. I feel like this season has been extremely solid and has had some great moments, but the middle of the season created a sort of lull for Hank where nothing happened except trying to deal with his three differet school related relationships. This episode gave the show a chance to start clearing it up. It'll be interesting to see where the show goes from here.
  • Everything comes together.

    All the buildup for this season finally came crashing down in Hank's apartment, like a stripper hitting her head on a hardwood floor. The episode was unique in its execution, a seemingly one act play, entirely in Hank Moody's apartment, but the humor was far and between. For the clever concept itself, it could have been written better as there were several dull moments peppered throughout where nothing seemed to happen.

    Californication has given us some great characters and strong story arcs over the years, but the question I find myself asking is where do we go from here, as Hank seems to have no more drama?
  • All Roads Lead Here

    The centre-point of the Season? I'm interested to see where all the plot lines go from here, I hope there's some repercussions and they don't all get dropped after this. I actually like and am interested in all of the women, including Stacy, something I didn't think was possible in a TV show.

    HOWEVER I don't think there's any doubting the episode was contrived (Felicia coming out from under the table to talk to her husband was a sore point for me), but there were too many good bits for this to ruin anything. The half hour flew by which can only be a good thing. The writers must have had a blast writing this.

    "I told him"
    "F***, please tell me by 'him' you mean your therapist"
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