Season 6 Episode 7

The Dope Show

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 03, 2013 on Showtime

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  • The Dope Show

    Charlie's ridiculous behavior in the bathroom and the Marilyn Manson appearance made the episode for me. An odd episode, but it had some good moments.
  • Marilyn Manson is really weird.

    This episode had a little bit of everything. Sex (of course), weirdness, love, good fight, some laughs and something out of the ordinary. First, seeing Marilryn Mason playing himself, brings to the show something new and yet, really disturbing. After a few minutes with him, I think I would flee of that house too. The last scene with Becca and his father I really wasn't expecting that. It's too predictable. Other than that, I liked it.
  • The Dope Show

    Hank and Charlie come back from NYC to find Becca having thrown a wild party. Hank finds the boy she brought to rehab trying to sex and he punches him in the genitals justifiably as Becca's father. Karen and he decide to give her a life lesson in drug usage and Hank takes Becca to Atticus's house to show her someone who had been messed up royally by drugs. By this example admittedly Hank is a bit of a hyprcrit although he is right to showing her the perils of frequent hard drug usage. Unfortunately Marilyn Manson is there doing drugs with Atticus and him being an idol of Becca's does help Hank's anti-drug message any. Atticus's wife hits on Hank and he feels her breast (yes just one) at her invitation which Karen witnesses. Hank and Karen leave her alone with her heroes and she finally runs when Atticus passes out and Marilyn wants Becca to film him pooping on Atticus. Marilyn Manson was a surprise guest this week following an Entourage example of playing a meaner version of your real celebrity self on a show about LA. Charlie, after his near death experience agrees to take Stu Junior for the day to help Marcy out. While at the arcade he gets solicited by a mother of three who does a MILF website and she services him in the bathroom with the ending she doesn't agree with. Charlie and Marcy have a good night tucking Stu Jr. in. Their back and forth was sweet and of course they expectedly had intercourse and Marcy found out about Charlie's bathroom encounter. Seeing Marcy and Charlie reignite the flame was surprising given Ophelia's lessons to her about the dangers of men lately which I don't think Marcy buys into much. Also the final scene with Hank and Becca and how Becca wants to experiment with drugs on her own terms was the secret which is moderation and staying away from the hard stuff like Atticus and Marilyn Manson do which is a good enough takeaway for me. Becca and Hank's relationship are one of the cornerstones that make this show work so swimmingly especially seeing that she's spat out a manuscript of a novel in only like five episodes. Can't wait to see what Hank thinks of it. Definitely not the best episode by any means but I think I plan on watching the rest of the season in a burn-off marathon because the show's faults and tropes aren't so apparent when viewed in marathon form.