Season 1 Episode 12

The Last Waltz

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 29, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Weird one

    I was disappointed by this season finale. Isn't Hank supposed to be the lovable loser who does the right thing but does not get what he deserves? It's been that way all series long and now it's all getting turned around to work out for him the way he wants it to?
    Hank was supposed to make a scene on the wedding of his love - he didn't. He was supposed to pay for screwing with Mia - he's not. He was supposed to watch his love marry another man - he did. But in the end she bails and runs away after Hank, the guy she knows she doesn't want to live her life with.
    Either the writer wanted to show that there are happy endings but Hank is not the guy to have earned one.
    So the end of the episode is either another dream sequence or they split up again at the start of the next season. Hank and Karen will no stay together for long.
  • This episode in particular seemed a little forced.

    Just finished watching the 1st season of Californication. While I liked many of the episodes, this one seemed a little too forced - almost as if they had to fit a few episodes into one at the very end. The wedding scene, in particular, really proved my feelings to be true. With Mia interrupting the wedding, saying what she said, and then denying what she said, saying it was "fiction," I really thought the writers of the show were creating some fake drama. Really that scene meant nothing, as we're back to square one - Hank's novel is in the hands of Mia, and she can still confess at any time what the two had done. In my mind, there was no need for that scene at the wedding, or the later scene between Hank / Mia where she says "We're even."

    Maybe I just hate Mia.
  • Karen does the unexpected... Why?

    I like a happy ending just as much as the next person but not like this. This is like someone dropping a bucket of cold water on you while you're asleep, it leaves you surprised, confused, angry and then confused again... why did they do that?

    I understand Karen having cold feet before the wedding but not after. The only explanation I could think of is that Bill said something REALLY stupid to her that made her change her mind in a flash. Someone said they don't feel sorry for Bill but what about his side? I mean the guy knew he was marrying a free spirit but she's been showing us all along that she's changed, she wants a straight and stable life and all of a sudden she runs off like that. It was obvious from the start that they didn't fit together and that something like this would happen but she's been getting the signs throughout the season. Something like this should have happened earlier in the season or maybe next season, but what the hell it's as good a cliffhanger as any. Maybe Karen just wanted the wedding she thought she would never have with Hank but at the same time live with the man she loves, plus she's got nothing to lose if Hank really wants to get his act together... just a thought :)

    I sure hope that there's a second season in the making out there, it would be too cruel to end a show like this and deprive us loyal fans of it. To summarize, great show, weird ending.
  • Bill and Karen's wedding. Becca's first period. Mia being very drunk.

    An interesting way to end the season. It has classic Hank Moody moments mixed in with a few genuine on-the-edge-of-your-seaters. The episode opens as we expect it too: a dream sequence where Hank disrupts the wedding and tries to get Karen back. Of course Hank wakes up and the show starts.

    Californication is known for its clever writing, and it is in abundance here. Particularly the confrontation between Charlie and Mia is nicely written. There's still a few odd moments, such as Hank and Becca's quest for tampons. The scene plays out as we expect it too, with Hank angering others and getting into a bit of a fight. It's there because you expect it though and not necessarily because it makes sense. Why the woman would assume the tampons are for Hank rather than his obviously adolescent daughter standing by him still baffles me. I slapped my forehead when she surprisingly asked Becca if they were for her. It could be a clever critique of the lack of common sense in people today or it could be a bit of forced writing. I'm going for the latter.

    Still, as a testament to Californication, even the forced bits are enjoyable. The plot lines are wrapped up relatively satisfactorily, even though I still hope Hank gets his book back in some way or another in the next season. Either way, every subplot of the past season gets wrapped up in the finale, as it should be, except of course, the ending...

    Is it a dream? We'll find out next season. Given the show's penchant for dream sequences and the rather revealing score that runs over the final scene, I think I have a pretty good idea of what it'll turn out to be.
  • Awsome season finale.

    Now I'm a bit far back, I was jerking around back when this series started, so I have snapped on it just recently. So, I've just watched the season finale of the first season, and it was just so sweet. The ending gave me sweet vibes all through my body, I'm talking about those really good vibes.

    I'm not that 'on spot' critic, so I can't barely place any significant moment that was 9/10 or so, but just overall, the season ending was great. Unsure if whether it's okey to spoil here, but I'm keeping a low profile, just in case.

    After having seen the whole season, I must say this is quite a great production. HBO knows their sh-t, as many has so wise said before. I will continue watching second season real soon. Can't barely wait.
  • What an unexpected ending.

    This episode is the best of them all. Although the series is definetely one of my favorite drama comedies. just when we thought the marriage was settled (hanks chase for Karen will go on for who knows how long)she changes her mind after they are married. . . Hilarious and addictive is Californication and looking forward to seeing what the following seasons will be based around. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GREAT SHOW
  • we didn't see this one coming.

    well where do i begin?
    this episode was one of the best that i have seen. it has everything, from comedy, to emotional bits, to exciting, adventurous bits. the last installment for this season. becca got her period, there was a wedding, between bill, and karyn. hank discovered that his book had not actually been stolen, and that it was still there. he tried to tell people the truth, buit never actually said it incase the truth came out about him a mia having sex. rumple, the agent, however discovered this and confronted hank about the sex. but all in all it was a good outcome. the last scene was a surprise, although it shouldn't of been really, as when hank and karyn were dancing, it took a long time for them to let go of eachother's hand. the final scene with karyn jumping in the back of hanks, porsche, and telling him to " drive before i change my mind " will be remembered and taken to the next season. the last picture of the three of them, ( hank, becca and karyn ), smiling together as they drove away, and bill running after them was prety good. will give a good start to next season. i read before that a new season, had been given the go ahead, and i reckon the producers would be stupid not to. anyway thats what i think, some people might disagree, but thats my oppinion and i'm sticking to it.
  • Where do they go from here?

    Well it's all over. And overall I think it was a good first season to this show. In this conclusion, Hank has to deal with Karen marrying Bill and Becca's first period.

    I just thought it all ended a little too happy. Everything seemed to come together for Hank quite nicely, which therefore poses the question as to what do they do for next season? Is there even a next season planned? To me it just seems like a convenient ending. All the stories are closed, they've reached suitable end points so theere is no need to stretch it out.

    I did feel sorry for Bill being left out on the street as Karen showed apprently no remorse for walking out on him AFTER the wedding.

    Anyway a good finale, and a good season for this new show.
  • Twists and turns all the while giving that warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction

    Wow, after a fantastic run of 12 episodes season 1 of californication finally ends. This very funny and often heartbreaking show was a suprise hit considering the grey pool of tv that was late august/september. I think duchovny has found something special in the character hank moody. I feel the finale of the season was probably the best episode of the season by far. Would the wedding go to plan? would bills daughter tell of her and hank and would charlie get back with his wife. All pretty much came to a conclusion even though afterway through the episode it became almost heartbreaking to see hank accept his loss of his wife to bill. The ending however was a suprise one, after giving the viewer a satisfying conclusion with everyone becoming settled again. It was then a shock to see karen run and drive away with hank and daughter. My only worry is that since the episode opened with a dream then it might of eneded with hopefully, although it didnt seem that way. I look forward to season 2 and it will be interesting to see how they make it different to season 1. Great show, great season.
  • Way to go Karen! Season 2 will be very interesting. Hopefully this final episode in Season 1 won't turn out to be a dream sequence.

    God, how I adore this show. Absolutely the BEST show on television. The writing is incredible and I really enjoy all the character, except...Becca. Way too precocious and too much of everything, but if I must bear her it's a small price to pay for the overall entertainment value. The pilot episode of the show ended with an Elton John song (Rocket Man, unfortunately sung by someone other than Elton), and to my complete stunned surprise, this last episode featured Elton's High Flying Bird at the wedding reception. Only true fans know this song. Wonderful and innovative.
  • Some people show remarkable growth--most notably the inimitable young Becca. Some slowly evolve--Hank, for instance. But there may be more to all this than meets the eye. For real?

    What's real, what's not? That seems to be the theme in the last episode, and let's not forget, this is a fiction writer's story, after all. So it's only appropriate that we're immediately confused about what's going on in the opening sequence. There's a dream wedding scene that merges into the old "wake from a dream but not really" sequence with Hank and his ex in bed, which, in a Hitchcockian camera movement backpan, turns into Hank watching himself in his dream with his ex. Which turns into Hank waking up again to the reality of his ex's wedding day. "Oh, Happy Day," murmurs the hapless Hank. Are we to assume Hank's awake now, or merely still dreaming? Depends on how much you want to believe the happy ending. Remember how Hank told Becca that happy endings are just as true as sad endings--or words to that effect. Still, there are references throughout that this all may be a dream--Mia slurring, "It's all fiction, people," for example. In any case, a strong close to a great season. I'm left wondering what happens next. If Hank really is now committed to a life of wedded and familial bliss, he certainly can't act the outlaw he was in the first season. How do the writers deal with this--that is, keep Hank intersting in his new domesticated incarnation? Perhaps Mia spills the beans for real, and Hank ends up in the dog house (or worse), but with his book back in his hands now. "What happens next depends on you," Hank says at one point.
  • Happy Ending, but not the way I wanted it to play out

    Don't get me wrong this show is awesome and the episode in particular was one of the best in the show, but I'm hung up on the ending in particular, the entire point of the episode and Hank's development was letting Karen move on and he would finally do the same. He even says "Maybe it's time for your old man to finally grow up," yeah it wouldn't have been as happy as it would've been but Hank would have changed more if Karen had stayed with Bill afterwards and it would lead to a great pick up next season where she realizes her mistakes after marrying Bill and then goes back to Hank and Becca but it just felt forced and seemed to come out of nowhere but that is my only complaint in an otherwise awesome episode. Note: the way that Charlie and his wife got back to together in this episode was believable and made me feel fulfilled by the ending of their sexual storyline. Can't wait to start season 2.
  • Another great episode but.....

    Another great episode but why does it end like this ? Of course everyone expected Hank to interrupt Karen's wedding but it didn't actually happen so why did they choose to end the episode like that ? It's a bit disappointing for me since in a previous episode, Becca said happy endings never happen.. Well, here we are, watching this great show about how cruel life can be and here comes the happy ending, Karen runs from her wedding with Hank and Becca.... I don't know what they will come with for the next episode but I'm pretty sure this show will lose something if Hank's former life comes back to him. Everything was about him slowly abandoning himself to all his addictions because of Karen but now she's back with him what is it going to be ?
  • Very good season finale!

    It's been a very special episode, with Karen's wedding and Becca first period. How Hank handled the things showed once again how amazing this character is. He didn't run away from his responsabilities as a father and not even during the wedding cerimony. This fact paid him back, because in the end Karen decides to leave her brand new husband and jumps in the car with Hank and their daughter. As Becca said to her father, Hank has a lot of imperfections, but he really has a big and good heart. This episode also leaves many possibilities for the next season, that I'm sure will be as great as this one.
  • Finally she runs

    The season is over what an amazing ride. No holds barred thriller ride thats all i can say. When the finale started i thought it was about to go in the wrong direction. But then suddenly as always it turned it up a notch and hank proves his charm is worth a penny. Things go haywire during the wedding. Miya begins to talk and is about destroy everything when suddenly the show gives itself another lifeline with possible jokes with miya and hank ensuing in the next season. But what a way to finish this bitter tasting salt encrusted series. Natasha has an amazing smile. Will look for it next season.
  • It's the season finale with a couple of surprises.

    The big day has arrived. That's Karen and Bill's big day. What will Hank do about that? Will he tell Karen how he feels about her, or will he stand back and watch as the woman he loves marries someone else.

    In the apartment, Becca tells her dad that "it" happened. She's gotten her first period. So they rush off to the shops to buy her some tampons. But of coarse, with Hank around, nothing is that simple. A fight ensues. And somehow, this show manages to turn the whole thing into a comical scene - it's great, and will have you giggling. You have to appreciate the humour of this show. It's funny.

    Becca and Hank arrive at the wedding, everything looks so pretty. And Karen really does look lovely in her wedding dress. It seems the wedding is actually going to happen. Things are going smoothly, until the priest says "speak now or forever hold your peace." We all turn to Hank. But Hank for once, doesn't say anything. But someone ELSE does.

    And Karen and Bill get married anyway. Will they have the happily ever after? Speaking of a chance of happily ever after, Charlie and his wife get back together. How cute! Even Becca has a date. It seems that everyone has their happy ever after. All except for Hank.

    Mia's father won't let her print the script that "she wrote" for a couple of reasons. But does that mean that Hank will be able to publish his own work?

    But that's not the end. There is a surprise waiting for us. As Hank and Becca are driving away, Karen runs up, and gets into the car. And they drive off. There's a definite possibility at the happy ever after for Hank and his family. But if that is the case, what will the second season be about? Only time will tell.

    This was a great ending to the first season. Let's hope the next season is as good.
  • Great first season ending. Hank Moody is quite impressive.

    Hank Moody shows exactly how much he loves Karen in this episode. The entire season showed us how much Hank wanted Karen back; how he tried to woo her in his own special way. We saw Karen fight him and fight herself regarding her feelings for him. I really thought Hank would try one more time to convince Karen- but instead he does the best thing for her- he lets her go. He totally throws her off base. I think she really wanted him to convince her that it was the wrong thing. Then at the ceremony he tries his best to be gallant and help Mia through an awkward time. Even though Mia is basically ruining Hank's life in her own little way. There is a bit more to this, but I don't want to ruin it. It was a great way to end a great season.
  • Only one word needed:

    I wish I could just write one word and publish it as a review, but since I can't, i'll just bullcrap my way along until I can get to that one word. Everything about this episode was spot on. Hank sucked up and swallowed his pride, Becca grows up by undergoing the change that all females go through, Mia is still an idiot but one that is rightfully so. The ending is superb. Everybody who watches the show couldn't hope for a better ending. Where they go from here is a mystery. There are a lot of different storylines that can brew, and we'll see how they handle this.

    However, I'm glad to see what they did with the characters. There was simply no other way to do it. This sereies can be described in one word - Amazing.
  • Hank deals with Becca becoming a woman, Karen getting married and Mia being very drunk

    Ok, I cannot even describe how very much I love and am obsessed with this show. I was dying inside when Mia said the things she said and I also actually felt a little bit bad for her when she was dancing with Hank. She really just is a little girl in way over her head. Becca is officially amazing, she is so hilarious and wise beyond her years. Ok, now to the important issue. Did that really happen at the end of the episode or was Hank dreaming/hallucinating? He does tend to hallucinate Karen a lot, and even more when he's in the car so I don't know what to think and I cannot believe we have to wait an entire YEAR to find out what happens next. They need to have more episodes. This show is my favorite new show by far and maybe even one of my favorite shows of all time. Love it. Bravo.