Season 1 Episode 12

The Last Waltz

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 29, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Some people show remarkable growth--most notably the inimitable young Becca. Some slowly evolve--Hank, for instance. But there may be more to all this than meets the eye. For real?

    What's real, what's not? That seems to be the theme in the last episode, and let's not forget, this is a fiction writer's story, after all. So it's only appropriate that we're immediately confused about what's going on in the opening sequence. There's a dream wedding scene that merges into the old "wake from a dream but not really" sequence with Hank and his ex in bed, which, in a Hitchcockian camera movement backpan, turns into Hank watching himself in his dream with his ex. Which turns into Hank waking up again to the reality of his ex's wedding day. "Oh, Happy Day," murmurs the hapless Hank. Are we to assume Hank's awake now, or merely still dreaming? Depends on how much you want to believe the happy ending. Remember how Hank told Becca that happy endings are just as true as sad endings--or words to that effect. Still, there are references throughout that this all may be a dream--Mia slurring, "It's all fiction, people," for example. In any case, a strong close to a great season. I'm left wondering what happens next. If Hank really is now committed to a life of wedded and familial bliss, he certainly can't act the outlaw he was in the first season. How do the writers deal with this--that is, keep Hank intersting in his new domesticated incarnation? Perhaps Mia spills the beans for real, and Hank ends up in the dog house (or worse), but with his book back in his hands now. "What happens next depends on you," Hank says at one point.