Season 1 Episode 12

The Last Waltz

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 29, 2007 on Showtime

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  • It's the season finale with a couple of surprises.

    The big day has arrived. That's Karen and Bill's big day. What will Hank do about that? Will he tell Karen how he feels about her, or will he stand back and watch as the woman he loves marries someone else.

    In the apartment, Becca tells her dad that "it" happened. She's gotten her first period. So they rush off to the shops to buy her some tampons. But of coarse, with Hank around, nothing is that simple. A fight ensues. And somehow, this show manages to turn the whole thing into a comical scene - it's great, and will have you giggling. You have to appreciate the humour of this show. It's funny.

    Becca and Hank arrive at the wedding, everything looks so pretty. And Karen really does look lovely in her wedding dress. It seems the wedding is actually going to happen. Things are going smoothly, until the priest says "speak now or forever hold your peace." We all turn to Hank. But Hank for once, doesn't say anything. But someone ELSE does.

    And Karen and Bill get married anyway. Will they have the happily ever after? Speaking of a chance of happily ever after, Charlie and his wife get back together. How cute! Even Becca has a date. It seems that everyone has their happy ever after. All except for Hank.

    Mia's father won't let her print the script that "she wrote" for a couple of reasons. But does that mean that Hank will be able to publish his own work?

    But that's not the end. There is a surprise waiting for us. As Hank and Becca are driving away, Karen runs up, and gets into the car. And they drive off. There's a definite possibility at the happy ever after for Hank and his family. But if that is the case, what will the second season be about? Only time will tell.

    This was a great ending to the first season. Let's hope the next season is as good.