Season 5 Episode 5

The Ride Along

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 05, 2012 on Showtime

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  • The Ride Along

    Not perfect, but this was the highlight of the season for me. A lot of edgy, out of control entertainment and comedy. They somehow managed to make someone having a stroke be funny!

    The best of the season thus far.
  • What?

    I think californication is trying to jump the shark here...
  • Our Night in a Cop Car

    Samurai Apocalypse invites Hank along on a ride-along as actor research for Santa Monica Cop. Runkle tells Hank that it's been a boyhood dream of his to ride along in a cop car so he invites himself along. When the lazy, racist cop stereotype they are riding with strokes out in a Donut Shop, that's right a Donut Shop the trio commandeer the police vehicle they drove him to the hospital with. Sam gets a heads up the Callie is at a club hooking up with some guy and so they stake out waiting for her and her hookup to leave the club. A hooker that thinks that she's being followed asks for help and Runkle let's her into the car. When Callie gets into a Suburban Sam pulls them over and harasses the dude who says he's close to closing the deal with Callie. Hank is on the other side of the car telling Callie that she can never disclose their escapades to Sam. Sam gets angry and hits out the guys leg and Callie threatens to call the real cops. All this happens while Runkle gets a courtesy blowjob from the hooker, cause this is Californication that's why, and then it turns out that she's a tranny which makes Runkle cry and makes for a very funny setup for the low point of his evening. Hank gets called in by Becca to help get Bates, who was slipped a drink by Tyler, into putting clothes back on at a restaurant and showing his famous tuck job (Silence of the Lambs style) and then runs out of the place. Sam admits to having Tyler beaten and would do it again. Karen and the others leave and Runkle, Hank, and Sam pull over and let Bates into the car who's running naked down the street. Then the episode ends with them getting pulled over by another police car. Good episode that made me wonder about one of my dreams which is of course to commandeer a police car. Sam is really kinda a psycho so Hank should start to steer clear, but we know he won't. This whole ordeal hopefully will push Karen back to Hank with Bates being seen as unreliable and all. Good fun.
  • WTF? Did you fire all the writers?

    As a BIG fan of Hank Moody, I was stunned as I watched "The Ride Along". I think that the writing has been a big step down this year, and we reached a new low tonight. Seriously, if this is the best you can do, cancel the show right now and save us all the time. That was horrible....