Season 6 Episode 1

The Unforgiven

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 13, 2013 on Showtime

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  • The Unforgiven

    Not the start I was looking for here. I just don't think this is the thing that would set Hank over the edge given all the chaos the first five seasons of this show.
  • Rock Bottom Diaries, Part 1

    Hank wakes up in the hospital after being given the drugged drink last season by Natalie Zea's character. Karen tells him that the doctors say that he'll be fine. But Natalie Zea isn't doing so good, she's been on life support and her friend who Hank met once tells him what a jerk he is and he is responsible for what happened to her and him for breaking up with her the way that he did. I can only imagine how horrible that must feel, all the while we get to see the story unfold of how Hank and Karen first met in New York although it's a dream sequence which suspends the belief because they're obviously much older now but that's excusable. Hank stays drunk for almost a whole month staying with Charlie, not bathing or washing his clothes and letting his facial hair grow while he sinks deeper and deeper. Californication can still be a decent show but it always goes the most obvious of opportunities for instance when Hank is at the bar and the guy sounds like he's about the break up with the girl only to have Hank interrupt and make him give up on his proposal to the girl was groan inducing. Not the mention the show's obvious fixation on easy jokes that have long lost their luster as I have written about in the past. I believe that the show remains on my DVR simply to see the characters come to a happy resolution at some point and how Hank turns out. Seeing him hit rock bottom like this was seeing Hank like we never have before in an utter state of despair over self-hatred. Becca wanting to drop out of school and become a writer was of course met with much resistance from Hank, I agree that it's a terrible idea at least get a degree before doing it, and her breaking up Tyler was at least somewhat of a relief. With Karen in the open and Charlie trying to get him jobs the only thing standing in Hank's way is himself. His mixed feelings about the incident, punching Charlie for insulting the woman who tried to kill him, are understandable but he finally does get an intervention with Marcy, Karen, Charlie, and Becca. They arrange for him to visit a rehab called Happy Endings and good on them for referencing how Marcy had to kick her cocaine thing back in Season 2. Marcy's weakness, she's now rooming with Karen after leaving Stew, wanting to forgive Stew just to have the house in the hills back was also groan inducing. But Hank finally getting down into voicing how he feels to Karen about how he hurt that woman and the things he's done and not knowing if he'll ever be able to get back to that place of being happy ever again I guess is the reason I stick with this show because occasionally Hank has a crack appear in his faade and sure enough his humanity comes gushing out. Also, the guy Atticus Fetch, a play on To Kill a Mockingbird's Atticus Finch obviously, has a meeting with Hank and Charlie and he wants to turn "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" into a rock opera which Hank thinks is terrible and tells Atticus that he's an old washed out hack to which Atticus doesn't take too well and Hank barfs all over his cocaine. That seems like a relief especially because the whole "Hank adapts or writes a script for a larger than life cartoonishly big star season arc" thing kind of went by the wayside after the whole Season 4 "F**king and Punching" movie and Season 5's Samurai Apocalypse storyline so this show I hope doesn't keep recycling these asinine things now that Hank has a shot with his family back again and doesn't need "keeping busy I think if this season can pull off just focusing on Hank doing his stint in rehab and getting back on his feet and possibly him and the show maturing a little bit it can be great but knowing this show it will likely turn out to be only good or mediocre. That being said, if this season doesn't please I'm out six season is enough and after season 4 there's really not many other places for this show to go so a message to Tom Kapinos and David Duchovny to wrap it up sooner than later please. However, I am extremely excited to see Hank get off the bottle and get back into the world as his charming, devil may care self.
  • Get u r shit together

    Carrie Dies at the beginning

    Hank thinks its his blame that carries dies, and start drinking heavily

    Becca decides to become a writer and dropping out of the college

    Flash backs of : Hank & Karen meeting for the first time (Best part)

    Hank joins Happy Endings for Rehab